A Mustard Recall

For the first time in the history of the Mustard Museum, a mustard manufacturer has issued a recall of some of its products. Brownwood Farm has notified us that two of its products, BBQ Mustard Glaze and Cherry Mustard BBQ Sauce, contain soy that is not identified on the label’s list of ingredients.

The products themselves are safe unless you have a soy allergy. If you have purchased either of these products from us and have a soy allergy, please contact us.

Again, if you do not have a soy allergy, there should be no problem consuming these products. Sorry to have to bring you such serious news…

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For Chemists, Physicists…

… and other science-minded geeks.

Our updated Periodic Table of the Mustards t-shirt is here, recognizing the many fine mustard companies who support America’s favorite condiment museum. You know, “Periodically, things get absolutely, positively condimentally elementary.”

Get the Periodic Table of the Mustards t-shirt

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Come See Us!

The Travel Channel thinks you should… we’re on their list of “Top 10 Food & Wine Museums”. The Curator told me that we should be especially proud to be on this list and share company with the Idaho Potato Museum. Why, you ask? Because everyone knows that a good grainy mustard is the perfect topping for a fluffy baked potato.

Here’s a few mustards to try on your baked potato:

Boetje’s (BTJ100)
Haus Barhyte Grainy Garlic Mustard (HBT104)
Pommery Moutarde de Meaux (PMM100)
Tracklements British Beer Mustard (TRK120)
Mosterd Echte Zaanse (ZNS100)

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The Curator’s ‘Momentum’

Well, the Curator has gained some momentum in the Poupon U Presidential Poll. We said “some”… and he still needs your support to keep the momentum moving in his direction. As the Curator begins to climb in the POUPON Presidential Poll, the Donald has eked ahead of Hillary, but neither major party candidate’s mustard has more than 50% of mustards purchased. As of 5 pm Sunday 9/18, it’s: Trump 49.3%; Clinton 47.5%; Curator 3.2%.

Buy your Presidential Preference Mustards now! And stuff the ballot box (no limit!).

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Creeping Up…

… the poll, that is. The Curator’s late entry in the field put him way behind in the National Mustard Museum Presidential Preference Poll last week (at only 0.4%) but he is now surging, rising to 2.7% of all the candidates’ mustards sold. The other two are neck and neck with Hillary holding on to a slim lead, 49.6% to 47.7%.

As the race heats up and operatives on both sides are calling for the release of medical records and tax returns, we want to see their grocery purchases. Who’s buying mustard and who’s buying the lesser condiments?

Remember – the Curator promises to build a wall to keep the ketchup eaters out – and he’ll make Heinz pay for it!


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Love at the Museum

For real! Richard proposed to Steffanie outside the National Mustard Museum. They have vowed to love and cherish each other just as much as they love and cherish mustard. : )

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Three’s Company

You know have a 3rd option. It’s no longer a “binary choice”. The National Mustard Museum Presidential Preference Poll now includes the Curator as a representative third party candidate — joining major party candidate mustards, Hillary Clinton’s “Apply Liberally” mustard and Donald Trump’s “Make Hot Dogs Great Again” mustard.

With the most recent polls showing Hillary mustard with a razor thin lead over The Donald’s (50.3% to 49.3%), the Curator as of Monday, came in third with 0.4%. Obviously, there’s a lot of stone ground to make up.

But we heard you, and we listened. Many mustard lovers said, “What about the third party candidates? Don’t they deserve a mustard?” Good point! They do. But therein lies the problem: there are dozens of third party candidates on the ballots of many states. There’s Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party) — many of you have heard of them — but there’s also Darrell Castle (Constitution Party), Emido Soltysik (Socialist Party), Jim Hedges (Prohibition Party), Rod Silva (Nutrition Party), and hundreds of others.

Enter the Curator. After polling the Museum’s Confidential Condiment Counselors, it was decided the third option would be the Curator’s “Mustard on Every Table” mustard. True, the Curator did preface the voting with “Who wants to get paid this week?” but, really, no one can doubt the integrity of the Mustard Museum staff.

The Curator says he’ll build a wall to keep the ketchup outers out — and he’ll get Heinz to pay for it. Several flavors are available but the default flavor is mesquite beer.

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A New Gift Item

Sutter Buttes may be known for its California olive oils but they are no slouches when it comes to mustards. Their Jalapeño Whiskey (SBT103) is a perennial favorite in our gift shop and online and they now have a stylish three-pack (SBT130) that includes their Jalapeno Whiskey mustard, a Traditional Mustard with Olive Oil, and a Cabernet Mustard with Garlic. Nice gift, nice mustards.

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A Virtual Tie

The forces of Donald Trump and his “Make Hot Dogs Great Again” mustard have a narrow 4% early lead over Hillary Clinton’s “Apply Liberally” mustard (99 jars sold to 95). While still within the margin of error, the Hillary forces are concerned and call on her supporters to buy lots of Hillary’s Progressive Mustard.

Meanwhile, the Donald’s mustards are making a surprising run in the POUPON Plebiscite aka the Condiment Caucus. At a recent campaign stop, the Donald remarked that his showing is no surprise because, in his words, “My hot dog is HUGE.” Will either candidate make a stop at the Mustard Museum? With Wisconsin being an important battleground state, we don’t see how the candidates would not want to make an appearance at America’s favorite condiment museum.

Remember, under the rule of the Supreme Court’s controversial Condiments United case, you can buy as many of your favorite candidate’s mustard as you want.

Buy your HILLARY mustard or your DONALD mustard, in a variety of flavors. This election is too important to sit idly buy without your candidate’s mustard.

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Your Vote Counts

Polls can be so confusing. Do you really trust the New York Times poll? The Washington Post? Gallup? The only presidential poll that matters is the National Mustard Museum Presidential Preference Poll and here’s how it works: Continue reading

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