What About Burgers?

Those who would never desecrate a hot dog with the “evil red stuff” might still think that it is otherwise acceptable to put k****** on hamburgers. No! But, don’t take our word for it. Check out page 35 of the May 2017 issue of REAL SIMPLE. The article “How to Win at Burgers” is unequivocal on the topic:

MUSTARD, NOT KETCHUP. Mustard works with the flavor profile, not against it. (Ketchup is too sweet to complement beef.) Smear it on both top and bottom buns.”

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The Peruvians Get It

These five mustards from Peru came to us courtesy of Rich Friedman (thanks Rich!). They are all yellow mustards but check out the packaging — they all depict mustard slathered on a hot dog. Just like it was intended. Especially on this National Hot Dog Day (July 19). Find your favorite hot dog companion here: Mustards for Hot Dogs

We will serve Vienna Beef hot dogs this year on National Mustard Day and they will require mustard. If you are a young child lacking a proper upbringing or are otherwise morally impaired, ketchup will be available but for a large and oppressive fee. Think of it as a tax on antisocial behavior.

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Jeremy’s #MustardChallenge

One of the Mustard Museum’s own, Jeremy, stepped to the plate for a heaping spoonful of Jolokia Ghost Pepper Mustard. Yes, that’s ghost pepper… our hottest pepper mustard.

Why? To the take the #MustardChallenge to raise awareness of and money for pediatric cancer research with No More Kids With Cancer.

Watch Jeremy struggle through it while he challenges his friends to also take the challenge. Want to take the challenge in grand fashion? Come to the Mustard Museum anytime and pick out your challenging mustard from the gift shop’s Ultimate Mustard Tasting Bar. Or, come to the Museum on Saturday, August 5 for National Mustard Day where we’ll stage the World’s Biggest #MustardChallenge for a truly great cause.

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The Official Hot Dog Is?

VIENNA BEEF! They know you never put that foul red stuff on a good hot dog and you will have plenty of opportunities to dress your Vienna Beef Hot Dog with your favorite mustard on National Mustard Day. All proceeds from the sale of hot dogs on Mustard Day support the nonprofit Mustard Museum.

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The Movie? Not so great, but…

… mustard ROCKS! In the new film “Paris Can Wait,” Diane Lane is a married American woman who is on a journey to Paris with a wolfish Frenchman who tries to seduce her with charm and food. At the beginning of the movie, he brings a typical French lunch that includes what he calls the best French mustard, Edmond Fallot Dijon.

The Curator and I found the movie just okay but the reference to the Fallot Dijon — the 2017 World-Wide Mustard Competition Gold Medal Dijon — made it worth seeing.

Live like a movie star with your own jar of Edmond Fallot Dijon.

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The Father’s Day Five

Here are five suggestions for a condimentally correct Father’s Day gift for Dad:

  1. Mustard of the Month – The ultimate mustard gift. We will send Dad three mustards every month (MOM2017), or every other month (MOM2017B), or every third month (MOM2017Q).
  2. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Three boozy mustards. Dad can relax with his favorite cocktail mustards, spiked with the tastes of bourbon, champagne, and a Bloody Mary. (RSG333)
  3. Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Our baseball and mustard gift box. This features Stormin’ Gorman Thomas and his legendary South Carolina style mustard sauce, three more baseball worthy mustards, and a baseball signed by Gorman himself. (RSG2016)
  4. Hot Dog & Mustard Tie – The tie that never gets tired. A giant hot dog adorned with a generous squiggle of mustard will boost Dad’s ego as women will ooh and ah when they see him wearing this classy bit of neckwear: “Check out the wiener on that guy!” (TYE700)
  5. The Elvis Pretzel Party Box – The King is alive and well. Six mustards and a bag of pretzels will bring back memories, Like when the neighbors called the police because Dad’s rock band was making loud and “unnatural” sounds at 3 in the morning. Now what was the name of that band? Billy Joe Biscuit and the Tennessee Parasites? No matter, dipping pretzels into these mustards will keep Dad from going off the deep end again. (RSGPZL)
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It’s BACK!

Hit & Run Excruciatingly Painful Horseradish Mustard has been MIA for the last several months but has returned with a vengeance. This sinus-busting horseradish mustard is downright nasty, in a good way. Fans of strong horseradish and mustard will appreciate the fiendish blend of fresh horseradish and spicy brown mustard.

It’s superb on roast beef, in mashed potatoes, and in a Bloody Mary. Try one jar (HNR100), or blow away the neighborhood with a full case (HNR100X).

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Welcome (and congrats!) Lowensenf

We were proud to welcome the president of Develey, the maker of Lowensenf mustards. Michael Durach visited the Mustard Museum last week. He is shown with the Curator wearing his two medals won by Lowensenf at the 2017 World-Wide Mustard Competition.

The coolest part is, while Michael was here at the Museum, he and the Curator took part in the “Mustard Challenge” to raise awareness of and money for pediatric cancer research through the nonprofit organization “No More Kids with Cancer”. Click here to learn more and watch the President and Curator take the challenge.

In honor of Lowensenf’s success and Michael’s visit, we have a special price through May 31 when you buy all four Lowensenf Mustards.

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The Mustard Challenge Begins

Michael Durach and the Curator have challenged our friends and relatives to take the mustard challenge. We each downed a heaping spoonful of Lowensenf Extra, Gold Medal winner in the Classic Hot category at the Mustard Competition (watch the Mustard Challenge video below).  

We have partnered with the nonprofit organization “No More Kids with Cancer” and the “Mustard Challenge” to raise awareness of and money for pediatric cancer research. The mustard connection is that children affected by cancer are still being treated with 1950s drugs derived from the same compound as Mustard Gas.

The “Mustard Challenge” is similar in concept to the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Mustard lovers (and everyone else) can eat a heaping spoonful of their favorite mustard, record it on their phones, and say, “Hi, I just downed a spoonful of ____________ Mustard, my favorite mustard, to help raise awareness of the need for pediatric cancer research. I challenge friends A, B C and D. You have 24 hours to take the challenge or make a donation to mustardchallenge.com.”

You then post the video to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tag the people you mentioned and the hashtags #MustardChallenge and #NoMoreKidswith Cancer.

Fittingly, the Mustard Challenge ends on August 5, National Mustard Day. Make plans to be part of the world’s biggest Mustard Challenge here at the Mustard Museum on mustard’s special day.

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Ready for a ‘Challenge’?

Mark your calendars and make your travel plans for our biggest, most important National Mustard Day. On Saturday, August 5, we will honor the King of Condiments and host the world’s biggest “Mustard Challenge” at the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin.

What is the Mustard Challenge? No More Kids With Cancer has launched a “Mustard Challenge” to raise awareness of the need for pediatric cancer research. And raise money for it, too. You can take the “Mustard Challenge” anytime between now and Mustard Day by eating a spoonful of your favorite mustard and challenging friends to do the same – and donate to pediatric cancer research.

Imagine thousands of people on the streets of Middleton taking the Mustard Challenge at the same time — that’s what will happen on National Mustard Day.
If you really want to make a statement, try anointing yourself with mustard. That’s a challenge that only a crazy person would do. Hey, Seth Myers, you fancy yourself a mustard connoisseur — I challenge you! And come to National Mustard Day to be this year’s Grand Marshall.

We also need your help in putting on National Mustard Day and making the Mustard Challenge the most successful condiment challenge ever. Please consider a sponsorship of this year’s salute to Mustard and the great Mustard Challenge.

MD50 – $50 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Pretzelium)
MD100 – $100 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Bronze)
MD250 – $250 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Silver)
MD500 – $500 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Gold)
MD1000 – $1,000 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Platinum)
MD2500 – $2,500 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Dijonium)
MD5000 – $5,000 Mustard Day Sponsorship (Mustardium)

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