The Curator’s Resolutions

The Curator has pledged seven New Year’s Resolutions for 2017… they are:

  1. I will be more tolerant of ketchup eaters.
  2. I will be more tolerant of mayonnaise eaters.
  3. I will try to make contact with reality.
  4. I will stop talking to inanimate objects.
  5. I will treat very stupid people with the respect they deserve.
  6. I will eat more kale than I did last year (very little).
  7. I will find a new obsession that will drive Mrs. Mustard crazy.


The Curator has already given up on his first two resolutions…

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Winter Hours

Beginning January 2, the Mustard Museum and Gift Shop will be closed on Tuesdays through April 1. You can still call to order because Sam, the shipping whiz, will be here, chained to his desk.

Speaking of shipping, this is Jeremy and his hand-made ugly sweater showing the world that we do indeed ship.

Jeremy is currently undergoing treatment at the Wisconsin Home for the Criminally Absurd…

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Lucky 22

This Friday (December 30) is the Curator’s birthday and he is NOT 22 years old. But ever since seeing the movie “Casablanca”, 22 is his lucky number. He can never forget the roulette wheel scene in which Rick tells the poor Bulgarian lad to bet on the number 22 -– TWICE –- and he wins enough money for exit visas for him and his fiancée (watch the scene below).

How old is the Curator? Old. Leave it at that.

In honor of the Curator’s lucky number, we have picked 22 mustards and other goodies to go on sale with a 22% discount. Included in this sale are some of our most popular items, including the Stormin’ Gorman Gift Box (RSG2016), Pommery Moutarde Royale (PMM125), and even Slimm & Nunne Sweet & Nicely Hot Mustard (SLN100).

The 22% OFF sale is good online or by phone only, and valid now through January 2, 2017. Orders may not ship until after the first of the year.

If you want to send the Curator a special gift, how about a $22 donation to the nonprofit National Mustard Museum (SMM22)? He will really appreciate it.

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CRAZY PRICE! Slimm & Nunne

Regularly our Slimm & Nunne Trio is $16.95, but now our set of flagship mustards are on sale through December 24 for ONLY $9.95 (RSG222).

Tell your friends about this crazy price, but don’t let Mrs. Mustard know about this!

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Don’t Get Flustered, Get Mustard

There’s still time! Your Ace in the hole is a Mustard-of-the-Month membership. Three delicious mustards are expertly selected by yours truly. Of course, monthly is ideal, but if you’d prefer not quite so many mustards, choose our every-other-month or quarterly options. You can’t go wrong!

Also keep in mind, this is the perfect last-minute gift. It shows your impeccable taste in gifts for that special foodie in your life, and it is delivered via email — no worries about shipping and will-it or won’t-it arrive on time. Your other last-minute option is just as smart: a Mustard Museum Gift Card. These are redeemable online, sent via email (or mail), and they are good for two years from date of purchase. Perfect.

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Holiday Hours

We’re open late every Thursday until Christmas! Our regular hours of 10am-5pm daily are extended to 7pm every Thursday to help you get those gourmet gift ideas from the Mustard Museum Gift Shop. Stop in when you can for the unique holiday gifts that will satisfy those foodlovers in your life. The best part? You can “Try Before You Buy” at our Tasting Bar… see you soon and Happy Holidays!

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Thinking ahead…

It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but it’s definitely a good idea to think ahead. Things get busy quickly, so get the mustards below in advance and keep this post in mind when you’re relaxing Friday afternoon. If you’re like us, you’ll have a fridge full of delicious leftovers. While you can just reheat and attempt to relive your Thanksgiving feast, you might want to instead try to reinvent those yummy leftovers.

Here are recipes for two great ways to turn turkey and other Thanksgiving staples into awesome reimagined post-turkey day meals…

Turkey Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie

Curried Turkey and Rice Salad

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Small Business Saturday

American Express has again declared the Saturday after Thanksgiving to be “Small Business Saturday.” We do accept American Express cards and are participating in their promotion but, we have a question: WHY JUST ONE DAY FOR SMALL BUSINESSES? We think they have it all wrong. Let the BIG BOX stores have one day and give us small businesses the rest of the year… remember to support small businesses all year long — and on Saturday, November 26!

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Hot Off the Motherboard

The 2017 catalog is at the printer and will hit the post office later this week. But you can see it now by viewing a “Pretty Darn Funny” version of it – that’s what PDF stands for. Go ahead, click away. You can print it out or just gaze in wonder at it. You can even order online or by calling us. Remember: unlike the airlines, we do not charge extra to speak to a real live person.

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Oprah: Where Are They Now?

That’s a good question. “They” in this case means the Curator and Mrs. Mustard, aka, Barry and Patti Levenson. Fans of the Mustard Museum know that Barry and Patti are still at the helm of this crazy dream called the Mustard Museum.

But since this appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1999, there have been a lot of changes — but still, a LOT remains the same. The original “Mount Horeb Mustard Museum” is currently located in Middleton, WI, and goes by the now-familiar moniker “National Mustard Museum”. The collection has ballooned to more than 5,900 mustards from all 50 states and over 70 countries. What has always remained the same since 1999 is the unwavering passion for mustard and mustard history that originally drove Barry to embark on this crazy, amazing journey all those years ago.

Oprah recently caught up with the Curator on her “Where Are They Now?” series on her network, OWN. Watch this short version of the segment that aired on October 29, 2016, and see the Curator talk about the Mustard Museum in 1999 and then get his update in 2016 (we’ll forgive Oprah for misspelling the Curator’s last name to resemble the famous Rain Main director’s spelling).

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