‘Wild Travels’ Comes to Milwaukee PBS

Yes, the popular Chicagoland PBS show has made its way to Milwaukee public television. The Milwaukee PBS channel will air “Wild Travels” Sunday night, August 20, at 6:30pm. Why is this big mustardy news? Because the episode features the National Mustard Museum!

The Emmy Award-winning series celebrates “America’s Quirky Side”, including multiple stops in Wisconsin. In addition to the Mustard Museum, other local stops include: Baumgartner’s – Home of the Limburger Sandwich – in Monroe, The Deke Slayton Space & Bicycle Museum in Sparta, Fountain City’s Rock in The House (not to be confused with House on the Rock in Spring Green), and the Amazing World of Sculptor Dr. Evermor near Baraboo.

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The Hall of Very Good Podcasts

Curator and founder of the National Mustard Museum Barry Levenson joins Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen to talk about how (and why) he started the museum, dispenses some advice on what mustard pairs the best with what tubed meat, shares his special relationship with former Milwaukee Brewers slugger Gorman Thomas and answers the age-old question…is a hot dog a sandwich.

Lastly, make sure you stick around for the Poupon U fight song!

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Mustard Day in the News

There was something for everyone at National Mustard Day on Saturday, and there was plenty of news media who took notice. Below are a few links to stories about the “Big Yellow Day” here at the Museum.

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A Golden Day!

The 27th National Mustard Day celebration in downtown Middleton, Wisconsin, lived up the hype and was a truly amazing day. Without question, the highlight of the day came when the French’s mascot helped orchestrate the “World’s BIGGEST #MustardChallenge” to help No More Kids With Cancer raise awareness and donations for pediatric cancer research. You can watch a video of the “challenge” at Mustard Day here: https://youtu.be/axTUaep5a1M

With mustard makers present, mascots walking amongst us, games in full swing, live music rockin’ the streets, and TONS of mustard to go around, it was an event for all ages and it didn’t disappoint. A sun-splashed Saturday afternoon in Middleton was without question the place to be in Southern Wisconsin.

Thank you so much to our sponsors, especially French’s and Vienna Beef. Their contributions were instrumental in National Mustard Day carrying on the tradition of the world’s premier condiment street festival.

Until next year… viva las mustard!

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Mustard Day Preview

We’re only a couple days away from the Big Yellow Day! National Mustard Day is this Saturday, August 5, from 10am to 4pm. This year we’re featuring the World’s BIGGEST #MustardChallenge to support No More Kids With Cancer and their efforts to bring awareness and donations to pediatric cancer research.

The French’s mascot will lead the Challenge at 1pm. It’s going to be BIG and it’s going to be great. Can’t wait. We’ll also have delicious hot dogs, courtesy of Vienna Beef, the official hot dog of National Mustard Day. With live music, fun activities and games, and, of course, MUSTARD, we’re primed for the biggest, bestest, most exciting Mustard Day yet.

For a preview of this year’s National Mustard Day, click here to watch the Curator on WISC-TV in Madison or click here to listen to the Curator talk Mustard Day on WGN Radio in Chicago with Nick Digilio.

See you Saturday!

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‘Stand Up’ and TRIPLE-MATCH!

We have really great news… Not only is the French’s mascot ready to lead the World’s BIGGEST Mustard Challenge on National Mustard Day here at the Mustard Museum on Saturday, August 5, we are also excited to tell you that French’s will MATCH all donations made to MustardChallenge.com from now through August 7. That’s awesome!

“But that’s not all” (as they say on cheesy infomercials)… Seriously, there IS more. Funds raised and matched by French’s will ALSO be matched by Stand Up To Cancer, resulting in a TRIPLE-MATCH OPPORTUNITY for all donations.

This is an amazing opportunity to really make your donation count. Come to Mustard Day for the #MustardChallenge, or if you can’t make it, just do your own at home or elsewhere (see the Curator’s post, “French’s to Host Challenge” for more info). And make sure you donate to No More Kids With Cancer and the Mustard Challenge!

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French’s to Host “Challenge”

…and they’ll MATCH donations to mustardchallenge.com from now until August 7!

French’s Mustard is once again an official sponsor of the National Mustard Museum as we host our 27th annual National Mustard Day celebration on Saturday, August 5, from 10 am to 4 pm. And, this year the big squirt will host “The World’s BIGGEST #MustardChallenge”.

French’s Mustard has teamed up with the National Mustard Museum and the childhood cancer research accelerator No More Kids with Cancer to support the “Mustard Challenge”. The Challenge encourages people to eat a spoonful of French’s mustard (or the mustard of their choice), film themselves, share their videos on social media, and donate to mustardchallenge.com.

One hundred percent of donations from the Mustard Challenge will fund pediatric cancer research, and funds raised at the Mustard Challenge on National Mustard Day at the Mustard Museum will be matched by French’s Mustard. This is part of the French’s “We Promise” program that appears on French’s products and across all of its communications, promising “great taste, real ingredients, and true commitment to our communities”. Additionally, funds raised and matched by French’s will also be matched by Stand Up To Cancer, resulting in a TRIPLE MATCH OPPORTUNITY for all donations.

Beginning at 12:45 pm, mustard lovers — led by the French’s mascot — will gather in front of the Main Stage at the Mustard Museum on Hubbard Ave in Middleton, WI to participate in World’s BIGGEST #MustardChallenge at 1:00pm. Those who cannot attend the National Mustard Day festivities in person can participate in the #MustardChallenge by taking the following steps:

  • Film yourself eating a spoonful of hot mustard, challenge four friends to do the same, and donate at mustardchallenge.com.
  • Post your video on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed.
  • Tag your friends, set your post status to “Public” and include #MustardChallenge #NoMoreKidswithCancer in your post.
  • Most importantly, donate to mustardchallenge.com and help cure childhood cancer.
  • Visit mustardchallenge.com for more detail.

The Mustard Challenge is a grassroots campaign that raises awareness and funds to discover safer, less toxic and more effective treatments for children with cancer – the leading cause of death by disease of children in the U.S.

“We believe kids, like adults, deserve treatments that are safer, less toxic and more effective than therapies developed from as far back as the 1950s,” said No More Kids with Cancer co-founder Amy Summy. “We thank French’s Mustard for their support and we hope that live Mustard Challenge events like the one at the Mustard Museum on Mustard Day will raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research, expand treatment options, decrease suffering and improve outcomes for children with cancer.”

“We at French’s are proud and honored to support No More Kids with Cancer and The Mustard Challenge,” Says Abigail Powell, Vice President of The French’s Food Company. “We hope this event and other efforts help to drive awareness and funds for this wonderful organization.”

For more information on No More Kids with Cancer, visit nomorekidswithcancer.org.

French’s has been a proud supporter of the National Mustard Museum and National Mustard Day for over 20 years. Beyond the Mustard Challenge — National Mustard Day will feature a family-friendly salute to the King of Condiments featuring live music, mustard games, lots of hot dogs (to be slathered with mustard), frozen mustard custard , French crepes as well as family friendly games including “Hoops for Koops” Mustard Ring Toss, Fishing for Mustard, the Mustard Wheel of Fortune, Mustard Bowling, and the always popular “Feed the Curator.” The POUPON U Accordion Band will kick off the day’s activities and local favorites The Red Hot Horn Dawgs, followed by Marcy and the Highlights, will fill the stage.

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What About Burgers?

Those who would never desecrate a hot dog with the “evil red stuff” might still think that it is otherwise acceptable to put k****** on hamburgers. No! But, don’t take our word for it. Check out page 35 of the May 2017 issue of REAL SIMPLE. The article “How to Win at Burgers” is unequivocal on the topic:

MUSTARD, NOT KETCHUP. Mustard works with the flavor profile, not against it. (Ketchup is too sweet to complement beef.) Smear it on both top and bottom buns.”

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The Peruvians Get It

These five mustards from Peru came to us courtesy of Rich Friedman (thanks Rich!). They are all yellow mustards but check out the packaging — they all depict mustard slathered on a hot dog. Just like it was intended. Especially on this National Hot Dog Day (July 19). Find your favorite hot dog companion here: Mustards for Hot Dogs

We will serve Vienna Beef hot dogs this year on National Mustard Day and they will require mustard. If you are a young child lacking a proper upbringing or are otherwise morally impaired, ketchup will be available but for a large and oppressive fee. Think of it as a tax on antisocial behavior.

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Jeremy’s #MustardChallenge

One of the Mustard Museum’s own, Jeremy, stepped to the plate for a heaping spoonful of Jolokia Ghost Pepper Mustard. Yes, that’s ghost pepper… our hottest pepper mustard.

Why? To the take the #MustardChallenge to raise awareness of and money for pediatric cancer research with No More Kids With Cancer.

Watch Jeremy struggle through it while he challenges his friends to also take the challenge. Want to take the challenge in grand fashion? Come to the Mustard Museum anytime and pick out your challenging mustard from the gift shop’s Ultimate Mustard Tasting Bar. Or, come to the Museum on Saturday, August 5 for National Mustard Day where we’ll stage the World’s Biggest #MustardChallenge for a truly great cause.

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