‘The Art of Mustard’

It’s here! The definitive literary record of mustard & mustard memorabilia is now available as a 128-page paperback book.

Art and mustard are words that are not often used together. But this whimsical exploration of mustard and art will take you on a golden adventure. Inspired by and full of artifacts from the National Mustard Museum, author and curator Barry Levenson brings this crazy concept to life with depth and knowledge only he can deliver.

The result is a surprising page-turner that will captivate you and transform you into an aficionado of mustard and mustard memorabilia. From the museum’s permanent collection comes this select group of antique mustard tins, boxes, pots, jars, and other significant pieces of mustard history.

Yes, as you know, there really is a mustard museum.
With The Art of Mustard you can experience the artful joys of mustard in ways you never knew possible.

Get your copy today!

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