‘Weird’? We Resemble that Characterization.

So, on Buzzfeed they have a list of “The Weirdest Tourist Attraction In Every State In America”. While some may be offended and resent or reject that sort of thing, we don’t. We know a museum dedicated to a condiment is “weird” to some. But, while we take our museum and gift shop very seriously, we don’t necessarily take ourselves too seriously. And that’s a good thing! Keeps things light and fun. : )

We’re happy to bring you mustards
from around the world and a thorough massive of mustard memorabilia and history that other museums documenting other topics could only dream of (in fact, you can get a “taste” of it all in our new book, The Art of Mustard). We’re honored to be included as Wisconsin’s representative on this state-by-state list. Thank you Buzzfeed.com!

From Leila’ Hair Museum in Independence, MO, to the Clown Motel in Tonopah, NV, there’s something for everyone. Wouldn’t hitting every spot on this list make an outstanding road trip?! What a way to see the country and learn about things you never knew, like the Pumpkin Chuckin’ at Varick Winery in Romulus, NY.

About the Mustard Museum, Buzzfeed says, “The best part of this condiment museum is the gift shop (of course), where you can try and buy hundreds of different types of mustard. Ketchup lovers, better luck next time.”

The Ultimate Mustard Tasting Bar is without question a highlight of any trip to the Mustard Museum. We will see you soon… and you can see the entire list by visiting Buzzfeed.com.

In the meantime, order up some mustard and enjoy the tastier side of life!

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