‘12 Unique Things To Do in Madison’

That’s the title of a new post at TravelMag.com. And, of course, they seem to be a highly credible authority on the topic with their inclusion of the National Mustard Museum on their list of twelve things to see and do. We’re guessing we fell under the “historic landmarks” portion of their criteria since they encourage readers to “explore one of Wisconsin’s most impressive historic buildings.” Oh wait, that’s actually the subtitle they used for the State Capitol building.

But our subtitle is no less impressive: “Take a look around a world-class museum”. First they list the Chazen Museum of Art on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, but then there we are with a photo and everything! So there’s that.

Enjoy this great list and embark on a fun-filled unique summer in the Madison area. Thank you, TravelMag.


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