2011 NMD T-shirts

We’ve cooked up a new t-shirt for our 20th Annual National Mustard Day. We will have a limited supply of NMD t-shirts for sale at National Mustard Day. You can order your Official National Mustard Day souvenir t-shirt online — but only up until this Friday at 4:00 pm when they will be available ONLY at the Museum on Saturday, Aug. 6, during the Mustard Day celebration.

Commemorative NMD2011 t-shirt!

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3 Responses to 2011 NMD T-shirts

  1. chatman says:

    We don’t have enough sizes left to offer them on our online store, but give us a call at 800-438-6878 and we’ll get you set up with shirt!

  2. Simon Lesser says:

    But i didn’t log on on friday you should keep selling them if you have some !!! Simon

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