A Golden Day!

The 27th National Mustard Day celebration in downtown Middleton, Wisconsin, lived up the hype and was a truly amazing day. Without question, the highlight of the day came when the French’s mascot helped orchestrate the “World’s BIGGEST #MustardChallenge” to help No More Kids With Cancer raise awareness and donations for pediatric cancer research. You can watch a video of the “challenge” at Mustard Day here: https://youtu.be/axTUaep5a1M

With mustard makers present, mascots walking amongst us, games in full swing, live music rockin’ the streets, and TONS of mustard to go around, it was an event for all ages and it didn’t disappoint. A sun-splashed Saturday afternoon in Middleton was without question the place to be in Southern Wisconsin.

Thank you so much to our sponsors, especially French’s and Vienna Beef. Their contributions were instrumental in National Mustard Day carrying on the tradition of the world’s premier condiment street festival.

Until next year… viva las mustard!

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