A New Treasure

Lest we forget, the National Mustard Museum is truly a museum, with exhibits, displays, and the world’s largest collection of mustards and mustard memorabilia. We regularly tell you about new acquisitions which are often little mustard curiosities and trinkets. This newest piece is big, important, and a real treasure.

Patricia Berry and John Arnold of Albuquerque have donated this fine old box from the Slade Mustard Company of Boston. Measuring 19″ wide by 13″ deep by 2 and one-half inches high, it once held 24 quarter-pound cans of Slade’s dry mustard. We estimate its age at about one hundred years.

Thank you, Patricia and John.

If you have any mustard items of historic significance,
we welcome their addition to the National Mustard Museum. We are always looking to buy such items, too, but rely on your tax-deductible financial donations.

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