A Schmear from the Past

Cleaning your office can land you some big surprises. We had almost forgotten about this article (below) that appeared on page 39 of the September 28, 1993, edition of the National Enquirer.

Talk about “Yellow Journalism”! Here are a few “inaccuracies” in this story — “fabrications”, if you will:

  • The Curator never made $80,000 a year, or even close;
  • His wife never “raked in” $45,000 a year, or even close;
  • They never drove to Chicago to spend $100 a night on a hotel;
  • They never dined in the city’s most elegant restaurants;
  • They never bought French wines at $300 a case;
  • He never had a closet full of expensive suits.

And the Curator doesn’t even remember talking to Philip Smith (the writer of the article).

Nice picture, though. (I wonder who took it.)

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