A Virtual Tie

The forces of Donald Trump and his “Make Hot Dogs Great Again” mustard have a narrow 4% early lead over Hillary Clinton’s “Apply Liberally” mustard (99 jars sold to 95). While still within the margin of error, the Hillary forces are concerned and call on her supporters to buy lots of Hillary’s Progressive Mustard.

Meanwhile, the Donald’s mustards are making a surprising run in the POUPON Plebiscite aka the Condiment Caucus. At a recent campaign stop, the Donald remarked that his showing is no surprise because, in his words, “My hot dog is HUGE.” Will either candidate make a stop at the Mustard Museum? With Wisconsin being an important battleground state, we don’t see how the candidates would not want to make an appearance at America’s favorite condiment museum.

Remember, under the rule of the Supreme Court’s controversial Condiments United case, you can buy as many of your favorite candidate’s mustard as you want.

Buy your HILLARY mustard or your DONALD mustard, in a variety of flavors. This election is too important to sit idly buy without your candidate’s mustard.

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