America’s Mustard College

Some say May is “Moms & Proms” and June is “Dads & Grads”. At this time of year we like to add, “Be one of the few, graduate from Poupon U!”

With graduations coming up quickly, it makes total sense for you to load up your mustard-loving graduate with plenty of Poupon U swag. There’s lots of official Poupon U gear to show they’re not only well educated on the nuances of tasty mustard, but they’re not afraid to show it.

For grads moving on to higher education, they have to consider one important thing. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars at an accredited university. But for what? A real college education? Save your money for buying mustard. You can earn a degree from Poupon U for only 8 bucks.

Poupon U has been consistently lowering the bar in higher education for two decades, so remember to visit the Campus Bookstore and make the grads in your life condimentally correct for years to come!

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