An Awesome New Mustard!

The venerable French mustard maker, Maille, sent us this balsamic honey mustard a year ago and we fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it was not then available in the U.S., only in France. The Curator and Mrs. Mustard took home all the sample jars, finished them off within a month, and could only wish that Maille would soon export them to North America. That day has come.

The richness and elegance of this mustard will astound and delight you. Not an inexpensive mustard but well worth the price. Try it on its own, with a wedge of aged cheese or on grilled chicken. We’ll entice you by putting it on sale — $2 OFF — but only through next Monday, 9/22, and with a four jar limit.

Maille produces several intriguing mustards in France but sends few of those to the U.S. Perhaps when they see how much we appreciate this one, they will send more. Get the new Maille Honey Dijon with Balsamic Vinegar (MAI104).

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