Attention Bracketologists…

It’s March, and there’s another tournament bracket for you to obsess over!

Introducing the 2019 MUSTARD MADNESS bracket. Fabulous mustard prizes await the mustard savant who can accurately predict these epic matchups of mustards. The “winner” of each game will be determined by the sales for each mustard. Just download our fillable-PDF, fill in your picks for the winning mustards (NCAA bracket-style) and send us your entry.

You can print it and then drop it off at the Museum, or you can save it and email it to us or message us via our various social media outlets.



Here’s the rules and notes about how to play MUSTARD MADNESS:

  1. How to enter:
    a. Free fillable-PDF mustard brackets will be available in various places throughout the month of March:
    i. In our Gourmet Gift Shop
    ii. On our website (
    iii. In our weekly e-newsletter (signup on our website)
    iv. On our social media sites
    1. Facebook: (@mustardmuseum)
    2. Instagram: nationalmustardmuseum
    3. Twitter: @mustardmuseum
  2. How to play:
    a. Please complete the fillable PDF and send a copy to us NO LATER THAN MARCH 26. You can:
    i. Print it and drop it off at our Gourmet Gift Shop
    ii. Save it and email it to
    iii. Save it and message us on any of our social media accounts
    b. Please be sure to fill in your contact information so we can reach out if you win!
  3. How to win:
    a. “Games” will begin on March 28, the week of the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA March Madness.
    i. Game winners will be based on sales for that week. For example, if Norman Bishop Dill & Garlic outsells Terrapin Ridge Dill Pickle that week, Norman Bishop will be declared the winner and will advance to the next round.
    ii. The second round will correspond to the Elite Eight, and so on.
    iii. You earn points for each correct prediction you make, with increasing value per round: 1pt for round 1, 2 for round 2, etc.
    b. The winning mustard and bracket will be announced shortly after the final “game”. In the case of a tie, those brackets will be added to a drawing and one name will be drawn to determine our prize winner.
  4. What you win:
    a. One-of-a-kind Mustard Madness 2019 gift box (featuring the 2019 Final Four mustards), $50 Gift Card, and Mustard Museum swag.
    b. Bragging rights and the adoration & respect of your friends, family, and employer (probably a raise!).
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