Be A Friend

There’s always room for one more jar.

The National Mustard Museum has entertained thousands since 1992. There’s no admission fee to this whimsical, shining temple to the King of Condiments, so the Museum relies on sales in the Museum Gift Shop and the generosity of our friends & fans.

Add your jar to keep the mustard flowing.

When you become a Friend of the National Mustard Museum, you are telling the world how much you love mustard. Our Wall of Friends tells the world how much mustard loves you and in honor of your condiment devotion — and with your donation of $100 or more — we will put up a handsome yellow jar, with your name on it, on this illustrious wall of honor at the world’s largest collection of mustards and mustard memorabilia. Your name will also appear on our “Virtual Wall of Mustard Friends” on this website. Donate $500 or more and we will link your listed name to the website of your choice, if you so desire. With your help, generations to come will enjoy the beauty and sophistication of these timeless mustard treasures.

A thoughtful gift for the condimentally correct.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations … any momentous event is worthy of a commemorative jar of mustard emblazoned with the name of that special person.

A sound business decision. Many condimentally conscious businesses have found Museum donations to be an excellent way to promote their business. Mustard lovers will take note as you proudly proclaim your commitment the preservation of the National Mustard Museum and mustard history.

Put yourself on display. But really, a donation of any size is welcome.



The National Mustard Museum, Inc., is a designated 501(c)3 charitable organization. LLC is a for-profit entity that runs the Mustard Museum gift shop and online store; it actively supports the nonprofit National Mustard Museum in its endeavors through financial and operational support.