Bestest Gift EVER

Take a look at the mustard we created for little Clarence.

As cute as Clarence is in person — and he really is the essence of cuteosity — he sparkles on a jar of mustard. His parents were smart enough to order a case of Cuddly Clarence Mustards and instantly solved this year’s holiday gift giving challenge.

Even if you’re not as cute as Clarence, your picture is sure to bring smiles to friends and family. And even ugly people like Aunt Rotunda will appear almost humanoid on a mustard jar. For business, your logo on a jar of mustard will be the most talked about gift at the office. Give them to all of your employees and they won’t even notice that you conveniently decided to forego giving out bonuses this year.

“But I’ll never get them in time for the holiday!” you say. Au contraire, my mustard loving friend. Send the Curator your picture or logo and he will send you a label design within one day and then, upon your approval, send the mustards out the next day.

How much for these priceless works of edible art? Only $6.50 per jar (minimum order is for one case of 12 jars). Visit our Custom Label Mustards section.

You belong on a mustard jar this year. Next year, we’ll work on getting you inside the mustard jar.

Ordering online is okay but for an even quicker turnaround, call the Curator at 800-438-6878.

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