Black Friday (and beyond)

We’re in a daze with all the “days”… it can be hard to keep up with! We’ll rapidly run through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Whatchamacallit Sunday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday… we’re loving it.

Of course, we prefer “Yellow Friday” around here and we also typically go with “Siber Monday”, harkening back to the original meaning rooted in the original tale in Siberia when they had a sale on whale blubber on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

But, the point is, this is an exciting time of year and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon as we go 7 days a week from Black (Yellow) Friday to Christmas Eve. Keep us in mind for your holiday giving — both for gift giving and supporting your favorite charities on Giving Tuesday, like the non-profit Museum.

Peace, love, mustard.

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