Volunteers for NMD

Who wants to help set up Mustard Day at 6:30 am? Who wants to wear the mascots? Who wants to grill the Usinger all-beef hot dogs? Who wants to help tear it all down? Who wants to make sure the Curator stays awake? Lots of important tasks need to be done and we welcome your help. Email the Curator or Mrs. Mustard with your availability and what you’d like to do.

Or just click below for an online volunteer signup!

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Vive la Moutarde!

This Saturday is Bastille Day, celebrating the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris in 1789 and the beginning of the French revolution. Why did the people rise up against the monarchy? Was it for liberty? No! Was it for equality? No! Was it for fraternity? No. It was for mustard.

The peasants loved their meats, especially their rustic sausages. But what did they put on them? They desperately wanted mustard – moutarde – but the price of mustard was kept artificially high by a corrupt system that favored the rich and the royal. When the peasants protested and chanted, “Nous voulons la moutarde!” (“We want mustard!”), Marie Antoinette coldly replied, “Let them eat ketchup.”

In honor of Bastille Day, enjoy some great French mustards, France’s greatest contribution to civilization:

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Wisconsin Proud

While this isn’t even a mustard, it’s still sort of related to mustard. Crafted from organically grown bamboo, this cutting board is made in the shape of the state of Wisconsin. Measuring 13″ x 12″ and 5/8″ thick, it’s big enough to accommodate almost any sausage or cheese.

So how is it related to mustard? After you’ve cut the cheese and cut the sausage, you’ve proven that you can truly “cut the mustard.”

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The Littlest Tube

Thank you to Alice Donahue at the National Electronics Museum for sending us this curious little tube of Colman’s mustard that was served on certain British Airways flights. When we say “little,” we mean tiny. We have never seen a tube this small.

It is now in our collection of Colman’s memorabilia on display at the Mustard Museum.

What a great idea! Airlines, if you’re paying attention, if you’re going to hand out those little bags of pretzels, hand out some little tubes of mustard, too!

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Salute! This Weekend

See and taste the 51 winners of the 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition at the National Mustard Museum in Middleton Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13, from 11 to 4 each day. You can taste mustards from Japan, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Canada, and the U.S. Many will be available for purchase. Bring Mom for a fun, deliciously tasty experience!

Hot dogs and pretzels will be available at the snack bar. All proceeds from snack bar sales will benefit Middleton’s “Destination Imagination Teams” and their trip to the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee. Teams that advance past Regional and Affiliate (state/country) Tournaments are invited to participate in Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of student creativity. Each May, more than 1,400 of the top-scoring teams from 45 U.S. states and 14 countries gather in Knoxville to showcase their innovative Challenge solutions.

The Middleton team’s each have a GoFundMe page to help raise money for their trip:


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The 2018 Grand Champion

Wiener, Wiener, Chicken Diener! Raise a glass — not filled with champagne but overflowing with bourbon — to the 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition Grand Champion Mustard. It’s Plochman’s Bourbon Mustard, rich with the flavor of real bourbon. This year’s Gold Medal winner in the Spirit Category proves again that just about any adult beverage pairs well with mustard. We like a dollop or two of this flavorful mustard in baked beans (yes!) and with grilled chicken.

Plochman’s is no stranger to the Spirit Category; their Kosciusko Beer Mustard has won several medals over the years and is a favorite at the Governor’s Club at the Madison Concourse Hotel.

Try them both:

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And the winners are…

The medalists from this year’s World-Wide Mustard Competition have been announced! Some mustards are available for purchase in our Gift Shop and at our online store. We’ll announce the 2018 Grand Champion next week. Click below to see the winners that were featured in this week’s eNews!

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“Bill on the Road”

Bill Clevlen is a lucky guy. He travels around the country looking for interesting people and places. However, he must have gotten lost one day because he stumbled into the National Mustard Museum.

Visit Bill’s website for his report at billontheroad.com, or watch this well done 2-minute video:

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Valentine’s Dinner, the Mustard Way

We love this menu featured a couple years ago on Epicurious. It’s not only delicious, it’s romantically retro. As they say on the web page, “it’s time to kick it old school.”

There’s something endearing about old fashioned romance, no matter the occasion. But that’s especially true at Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Dinner menu is fun not only because it’s retro, but also because it features a mustard-based salad dressing and lamb chops cooked with rosemary and garlic for VDay.

The author was inspired by a Valentine’s menu featured in a 1977 issue of Glamour (is that a super-youthful Christie Brinkley on the cover?!! We digress…). It’s a fun read with the authors thoughts and links to recipes.

While any of our Dijons on our French mustards page would be excellent for the mustard-based salad dressing, consider Delouis Fils Dijon Mustard (DLF100) or Edmond Fallot Dijon (EFL100).

For the lamb, we suggest you simply salt & pepper your rack of lamb or chops (or even a roast) and then generously schmear on our Vermont Epicurean Roasted Garlic Country Mustard (VTE122) for cooking to make a super easy variation of what’s listed on Epicurious.

(FYI: The Curator and I love making a leg of lamb coated with Vermont Epicurean before roasting!)

And, you know, the carrots will be even more delicious when glazed with Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard Glaze (DRP100) just before the end of roasting. YUM!

Stop by the Mustard Museum & Gourmet Gift Shop for these and other easy VDay dinner & dessert ideas!

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Elm Farm Ollie Day is Feb. 18

True mustard lovers know that February 18, is even more special than that other February holiday with all the red hearts. Of course, it’s ELM FARM OLLIE DAY, celebrating the first flight in an airplane by a cow on that date in 1930.

Did you know that NASA honored Elm Farm Ollie’s historic flight in 2010, the seventieth anniversary, by putting a Guernsey, a Holstein, and a Jersey in a rocket ship and sending it into orbit? Yes, it was the “Herd Shot ‘Round the World.”

To celebrate, send your best bud a Bovine Beauties Gift Box (BVN33) featuring three mustards to honor three famous cows (Ollie, Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, and the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon). Includes a cow spreader, an Elm Farm Ollie greeting card, and a CD recording of Madame Butterfat, the musical story of Elm Farm Ollie.

You won’t find this anywhere else. Not that we haven’t tried.

Bovine Beauties

For more about Elm Farm Ollie and other famous cows, you can also check out this article at mentalfloss.com

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