No Foolin’

We’re not fooling around, no matter what the calendar says. It’s April Fools Day but this is no April Fools joke: 20% off all gift cards* through April 15.

GC20 – $20 Gift Card, now $16
GC25 – $25 Gift Card, now $20
GC40 – $40 Gift Card, now $32
GC50 – $50 Gift Card, now $40
GC100 – $100 Gift Card, now $80

For other amounts, our toll-free number is 800-438-6878 (or our not-so-toll-free number 608-831-2222). Someone is here from 10 am to 4 pm (Central Time) to thank you and take your order.

Supporting small local businesses is no joke so do what we do – order for curbside pickup or delivery from your neighborhood restaurants and make a local business happy with a purchase.

*Our free mustard with your order of $25 or more promotion excludes gift card purchases

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Closed, but Try Curbside Pick-Up

While we are temporarily closing the Museum and Gift Shop in an effort to be as socially responsible as possible, there are options for you to remain condimentally-correct. : )

Please review our complete COVID-19 statement regarding all-things Mustard Museum: gift shop and museum temporarily closed; all booked tours, etc., will be rescheduled; private shopping upon request; curbside take-out; and mail ordering… click below to get the complete scoop.

We feel for all small businesses struggling to adapt to the ever-changing situation surrounding the coronavirus. Please consider giving them a boost (even us!) with a gift card that could be used when they reopen.

To our local mustard lovers, we wish you & your family good health. Consider ordering online or taking advantage of our new Curbside Take-Out service. Learn more by clicking below…

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Keep Calm and Mustard On

The National Mustard Museum recognizes the grave dangers posed by the coronavirus. To do our part in flattening the curve and making sure we do not add to the risk of COVID-19, we announce the following, effective immediately…

The gift shop and museum will be closed to the public until we are confident that it is safe to reopen. However, someone will be here to answer the phone from 10 am to 4 pm.

All booked group tours and Mustard Bites Experiences, scheduled through April 30, 2020, will be rescheduled.

Be assured that we will be doing everything we can to make the Mustard Museum germ-free, virus-free, and, as always, ketchup-free.

We feel for the bars, restaurants, and other venues that have closed or curtailed operations in response to the coronavirus. Recovery will not be easy. Show these businesses some love now and when they reopen. Give your favorite small business a boost by buying a gift card. Maybe even a gift card from us! And please pass this email to other mustard lovers you know.

To all of our mustard lovers, we wish you good health and a speedy return to normalcy.

Peace, Love & Mustard,
Patti Bridges, Owner
National Mustard Museum Gift Shop

Condimentally yours,
Barry Levenson, Curator
National Mustard Museum-

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Biz As Usual

Maybe not “as usual.” But we are currently operating under our normal winter schedule (open six days a week, closing only on Tuesdays). However, we will be open seven days a week beginning the week of March 23. Admission to the museum is free. See our notes about COVID-19 and check our Hours of Operation for any schedule notes. And see you here at the Museum! Be well…

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The Mustard Museum and COVID-19

We wish we could tell you that two tablespoons of mustard will prevent you from getting the coronavirus but, alas, nothing will do that, at least nothing that we know of now. But we assure you that we are doing everything possible to make sure your next visit to the Mustard Museum will be safe and worry-free.

We have temporarily discontinued our do-it-yourself passive sampling. That’s where we put out little dishes of delicious mustards and allow visitors to dip a spoon or a pretzel. If you want to taste a particular mustard, ask a staff member in the gift shop and he/she/it will give you a taste from our tasting bar. Our staff members have been trained to safely dispense samples for you.

You will also see an adequate number of hand sanitizers in the gift shop and the museum. We know there is a shortage of hand sanitizers but please resist the temptation to take one home as a “souvenir.” We want everyone to be safe and secure in the knowledge that their visit to the Mustard Museum will not expose them to any health hazards. But feel free to pump out a spritz when you enter.

We are thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces you may be touching, in the gift shop and in the museum, daily. That includes chairs in the MustardPiece Theatre.

We have postponed the second round of the World-Wide Mustard Competition judging, scheduled for March 22. We will let you know when we will hold that event and how it will be conducted.

Our employees know that if they are at all sick that they should not come to work. We hope that if you are ill with any flu-like symptoms you will not expose others to what you may have.

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Let the Judging Begin

The mustards have arrived.

From as far away as Japan, Romania, Sweden, and France, we have received more than two hundred mustards all vying to win medals and maybe be named Grand Champion of the 2020 World-Wide Mustard Competition.

First round of judging in this Sunday, March 8, at the National Mustard Museum. If you are in the area and would like to be a judge, email the Curator right away ( Don’t worry, you won’t have to taste all of them. What qualifies you to be a mustard judge? If you are a humanoid reading this newsletter, you are obviously a fan of the golden condiment. We will teach you how to score the mustards.

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“Things to do…”

Need ideas for what to do in the Madison area? Check out the recent YouTube video from Monica Ortega of “Monica Goes” where she visits the 10 best things to do in Madison — including, of course, the Mustard Museum (at the 5:42 mark): 10 Things To Do In Madison Wisconsin – Travel Itinerary

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Bovine Cantana Free with a Cow Tea Kettle

Start your day with a bovine whistle as you boil up some water in this cow enamel-on-steel whistling tea kettle (SHG800). Through Elm Farm Ollie Day (Feb. 18), we will include with every tea kettle the CD recording and libretto of the famous Bovine Cantata in Bb Major.

And we’re not just whistling Dixie. No, we’re whistling Ollie.

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WWMC2020 – Call for Entries!

Entries for the 2020 World-Wide Mustard Competition are due here at the Mustard Museum by February 28. The competition is open to all commercially available mustards and mustard-based sauces. Click the button below to place yourself among the world’s best!

Big companies and small companies alike can enter and, because the tasting is “blind,” everyone has the same chance of winning.

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Wisconsin 6-Pack

Whether exploring your own backyard, packing gifts for travel, or embarking on holiday shopping, this is an essential set of mustards, all made right here in Wisconsin… and they are delicious.

Grab a 6-pick and enjoy!

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