“Bill on the Road”

Bill Clevlen is a lucky guy. He travels around the country looking for interesting people and places. However, he must have gotten lost one day because he stumbled into the National Mustard Museum.

Visit Bill’s website for his report at billontheroad.com, or watch this well done 2-minute video:

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Valentine’s Dinner, the Mustard Way

We love this menu featured a couple years ago on Epicurious. It’s not only delicious, it’s romantically retro. As they say on the web page, “it’s time to kick it old school.”

There’s something endearing about old fashioned romance, no matter the occasion. But that’s especially true at Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Dinner menu is fun not only because it’s retro, but also because it features a mustard-based salad dressing and lamb chops cooked with rosemary and garlic for VDay.

The author was inspired by a Valentine’s menu featured in a 1977 issue of Glamour (is that a super-youthful Christie Brinkley on the cover?!! We digress…). It’s a fun read with the authors thoughts and links to recipes.

While any of our Dijons on our French mustards page would be excellent for the mustard-based salad dressing, consider Delouis Fils Dijon Mustard (DLF100) or Edmond Fallot Dijon (EFL100).

For the lamb, we suggest you simply salt & pepper your rack of lamb or chops (or even a roast) and then generously schmear on our Vermont Epicurean Roasted Garlic Country Mustard (VTE122) for cooking to make a super easy variation of what’s listed on Epicurious.

(FYI: The Curator and I love making a leg of lamb coated with Vermont Epicurean before roasting!)

And, you know, the carrots will be even more delicious when glazed with Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard Glaze (DRP100) just before the end of roasting. YUM!

Stop by the Mustard Museum & Gourmet Gift Shop for these and other easy VDay dinner & dessert ideas!

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Elm Farm Ollie Day is Feb. 18

True mustard lovers know that February 18, is even more special than that other February holiday with all the red hearts. Of course, it’s ELM FARM OLLIE DAY, celebrating the first flight in an airplane by a cow on that date in 1930.

Did you know that NASA honored Elm Farm Ollie’s historic flight in 2010, the seventieth anniversary, by putting a Guernsey, a Holstein, and a Jersey in a rocket ship and sending it into orbit? Yes, it was the “Herd Shot ‘Round the World.”

To celebrate, send your best bud a Bovine Beauties Gift Box (BVN33) featuring three mustards to honor three famous cows (Ollie, Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, and the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon). Includes a cow spreader, an Elm Farm Ollie greeting card, and a CD recording of Madame Butterfat, the musical story of Elm Farm Ollie.

You won’t find this anywhere else. Not that we haven’t tried.

Bovine Beauties

For more about Elm Farm Ollie and other famous cows, you can also check out this article at mentalfloss.com

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January ‘Yellow’ Sale

January has become the traditional month for “White Sales” but we like to think of a different January opportunity. Always being “condimentally correct”, we are offering 20% off three of our most popular gift boxes, part of our annual January YELLOW SALE:

Sale prices good through the end of January 2018.

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Check out “Around the Corner with John McGivern” this Thursday, Jan. 25, at 7:00 pm on every Wisconsin Public Television station throughout Wisconsin. John’s featured community is Middleton and we have it on good authority that the Mustard Museum was one of John’s favorite stops.

If you don’t live in Wisconsin and don’t have access to Wisconsin Public Television, you still have time to move here.

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Mustard for the Holidays

To help you find the right mustardy gift for the mustard lovers in your life, the Confidential Condiment Counselors at the Mustard Museum recommend these most excellent mustard gifts:

  • PLM150 – The Wisconsin Gift Box. The University of Wisconsin just missed out on getting into the NCAA Football Championship but there’s no missing out on this selection of tasty Wisconsin treats, mustards and more.
  • MOM2018 – The Mustard of the Month Club. Who can resist the thrill of receiving three different distinctive mustards every month for a whole year? Or do the Every-Other-Month version. MOM2018B. Or do it Quarterly. MOM2018Q.
  • A MUSTARD MUSEUM GIFT CERTIFICATE. Freedom to choose any mustard, any POUPON U item, anything at all. $20, $25, $40, $50, and $100. (GC20, GC25, GC40, GC50, and GC100).
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Mustard on Pop Tarts?

YES!!! The Curator is not a big fan of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. They’re just a too sweet for his taste, especially the frosted ones. But if he must eat one, he needs a good sweet hot mustard to make it not just palatable but downright delicious. He recommends Slimm & Nunne Sweet & Nicely Hot Mustard (SLN100).

But the Philistines at Kellogg’s apparently do not approve. When an Illinois man tweeted about his preference for mustard on his Pop Tarts, Kellogg’s tweeted back and asked the Illinois State Police to intervene. Seriously! http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/11/30/pop-tarts-alerts-police-about-illinois-man-who-spreads-mustard-on-his-breakfast-pastry.html

Then the Dixon Illinois Police Department got into the fray and tweeted their support for Kellogg’s: “Ain’t nobody puttin’ mustard on their Pop-Tarts in Illinois.” https://twitter.com/DixonPolice/status/935884096257044480

The Dixon PD should be going after the real criminals in Illinois – the ones who put ketchup on their hot dogs.

‘Nuff said.

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Everybody Loves a Winner

Especially winners of the prestigious World-Wide Mustard competition. This gift box is packed with winners from over the years. If you’re searching for the ultimate foodie gift, this unique set might just be the way to go. The Award Winners Gift Box includes: Aunty Liliko Passion Fruit Wasabi, Purple Haze Herbs de Provence, Robert Rothschild Raspberry Honey, Sierra Nevada Stout & Stoneground, K.L. Keller Black Truffle, Napa Valley Orange & Ginger Honey, Stonewall Kitchen Basil Pesto, and Pommery Dijon.

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Great Gifts for Kids

Here are some ideas to help your tiny chefs cook up a little storm!

SHG400 – “I’m The Chef” Kids Apron
SHG600 – Kids Yellow Chef Hat
SHG710 – Junior Rolling Pin
SPP700 – Mini Spatula Set

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Thanksgiving Weekend Specials

Happy Thanksgiving! We are closed this Thursday so our staff can enjoy the day with friends and family. As for Friday (Yellow, not Black), we are open our regular hours, 10 to 5. No need to be crazy with “door busters” and other desperate commercial hype. But you will find some excellent deals in the store and also online with our …

Yellow Friday (not black) and Siber* Monday Online deals:

*It’s “Siber” and not “Cyber” because it commemorates the traditional sale on whale blubber on the last Monday in November throughout Siberia.

Come see us on Small Business Saturday!

Or ANY Saturday, for that matter. Why just save it all up for one day a year? When you visit the Mustard Museum Gourmet Gift Shop you’ll get the undivided attention of an expert Confidential Condiment Counselor.

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