Mustard for the Holidays

To help you find the right mustardy gift for the mustard lovers in your life, the Confidential Condiment Counselors at the Mustard Museum recommend these most excellent mustard gifts:

  • PLM150 – The Wisconsin Gift Box. The University of Wisconsin just missed out on getting into the NCAA Football Championship but there’s no missing out on this selection of tasty Wisconsin treats, mustards and more.
  • MOM2018 – The Mustard of the Month Club. Who can resist the thrill of receiving three different distinctive mustards every month for a whole year? Or do the Every-Other-Month version. MOM2018B. Or do it Quarterly. MOM2018Q.
  • A MUSTARD MUSEUM GIFT CERTIFICATE. Freedom to choose any mustard, any POUPON U item, anything at all. $20, $25, $40, $50, and $100. (GC20, GC25, GC40, GC50, and GC100).
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Mustard on Pop Tarts?

YES!!! The Curator is not a big fan of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. They’re just a too sweet for his taste, especially the frosted ones. But if he must eat one, he needs a good sweet hot mustard to make it not just palatable but downright delicious. He recommends Slimm & Nunne Sweet & Nicely Hot Mustard (SLN100).

But the Philistines at Kellogg’s apparently do not approve. When an Illinois man tweeted about his preference for mustard on his Pop Tarts, Kellogg’s tweeted back and asked the Illinois State Police to intervene. Seriously!

Then the Dixon Illinois Police Department got into the fray and tweeted their support for Kellogg’s: “Ain’t nobody puttin’ mustard on their Pop-Tarts in Illinois.”

The Dixon PD should be going after the real criminals in Illinois – the ones who put ketchup on their hot dogs.

‘Nuff said.

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Everybody Loves a Winner

Especially winners of the prestigious World-Wide Mustard competition. This gift box is packed with winners from over the years. If you’re searching for the ultimate foodie gift, this unique set might just be the way to go. The Award Winners Gift Box includes: Aunty Liliko Passion Fruit Wasabi, Purple Haze Herbs de Provence, Robert Rothschild Raspberry Honey, Sierra Nevada Stout & Stoneground, K.L. Keller Black Truffle, Napa Valley Orange & Ginger Honey, Stonewall Kitchen Basil Pesto, and Pommery Dijon.

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Great Gifts for Kids

Here are some ideas to help your tiny chefs cook up a little storm!

SHG400 – “I’m The Chef” Kids Apron
SHG600 – Kids Yellow Chef Hat
SHG710 – Junior Rolling Pin
SPP700 – Mini Spatula Set

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Thanksgiving Weekend Specials

Happy Thanksgiving! We are closed this Thursday so our staff can enjoy the day with friends and family. As for Friday (Yellow, not Black), we are open our regular hours, 10 to 5. No need to be crazy with “door busters” and other desperate commercial hype. But you will find some excellent deals in the store and also online with our …

Yellow Friday (not black) and Siber* Monday Online deals:

*It’s “Siber” and not “Cyber” because it commemorates the traditional sale on whale blubber on the last Monday in November throughout Siberia.

Come see us on Small Business Saturday!

Or ANY Saturday, for that matter. Why just save it all up for one day a year? When you visit the Mustard Museum Gourmet Gift Shop you’ll get the undivided attention of an expert Confidential Condiment Counselor.

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Happy Thanksgiving, with Mustard

Here in Mustardland we are thankful for so much. Mostly for the many friends we have made over the years through this wild and crazy condiment adventure.

Here’s the burning question: does mustard belong on the Thanksgiving table? Absolutely. A dollop of Daddy Cooks Cranberry Chardonnay Mustard (DDC101) makes your feast even more succulent and enjoyable (and it’s a mustard that’s delicious all year ’round).

As for stuffing the turkey with mustard, the Curator and Mrs. Mustard have been experimenting with the concept. At this point, we can only caution you to first remove the lid from the jar before inserting it into the cavity of the bird.

Speaking of holiday birds, this a picture of a turkey that held up traffic in front of the Mustard Museum back in 2014.

As for the post-Thanksgiving meal activities, enjoy the Curator’s annual literary treat (or travesty):


‘Twas the day after turkey
And all through the mansion
We gazed and we wondered
At our bellys’ expansion.

“So much to eat!
Our belts are too tight
But somehow we know
We’ll be hungry tonight.”

So what shall we do
With all of those yummies,
Crammed into the ice box,
Awaiting our tummies?

There’s dressing and drumsticks,
Potatoes and gravy.
There’s so much left over
We could feed the whole navy.

Green beans and muffins,
Salads and soups,
Our Tupperware®’s bulging
With all the food groups.

But how to prepare them,
These leftover dishes?
What can we use
To make them delicious?

Ketchup? Or mayo?
No — those would be yucky.
But we could use mustard —
Now that would be ducky!

There are so many flavors,
And so many styles,
You could line them all up,
They’d go on for miles.

There’s mustard with honey,
Mustard with beer,
Horseradish and garlic,
They all bring good cheer.

There’s cranberry mustard
And mustard with cheeses
With olives with walnuts,
Each one of them pleases.

Hot peppers, black truffles,
Don’t be in a hurry,
There’s mustard with chocolate,
With dill, and with curry.

We know you’ll do fine,
That you can be trusted
To spice your leftovers
With dollops of MUSTARD.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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More Than Mustard

Does it surprise you that the Mustard Museum Gift Shop sells things that are not mustard? Not a lot but sometimes when we find things that are so delicious and so distinctive that we simply can’t resist. Especially at this time of year, when many of our non-mustard Wisconsin foods are so perfect for Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favorites:

They may not be mustards but they sure do cut the mustard.

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Famous for Cows and Mustard

There are 1,277,000 dairy cows here in Wisconsin. With the addition of two new Norwegian mustards to the collection (thank you, Svein Morner), there are now 6,015 different mustards at the National Mustard Museum. We’ll do the math for you: for every mustard here in Middleton there are 212 cows in the pastures of Wisconsin. If you are a mustard thinking of dating a cow, those are pretty good odds.

As long-time readers may recall, the Curator has this thing about cows, especially Elm Farm Ollie, the first cow to fly in an airplane (Feb. 18, 1930). Why not buy a Bovine Beauties Gift Box (BVN33) for your beloved, a most thoughtful holiday present? It contains three mustards in honor of three famous cows (Elm Farm Ollie, Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, and the Cow That Jumped Over The Moon) plus a CD recording of the Bovine Cantata in Bb Major from the opera “Madame Butterfat.”

The Curator is also proud of the fact that his grandfather, a cattle broker in Central Massachusetts, brokered the sale of the first real Elsie to the Borden Company back in the 1930s. That is true. She (the cow, not the grandfather) was a Jersey cow with the registered name of “You’ll do, Lobelia.” Go ahead – look it up. That means the Curator is related to Elsie the cow. A sort of distant cousin. Or is it COW-SIN?

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A New Galaxy

The French food writer Brillat Savarin wrote, “The discovery of a new dish is like the discovery of a new star.”

Mustard Museum Curator Barry Levenson wrote, “The discovery of a new MUSTARD is like the discovery of a new GALAXY.”

And we have found that new galaxy: Stonewall Kitchen’s Maine Craft Ale Mustard (STK118). Thick, coarse-textured, and heady, it has to be the next mustard in your fridge.

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Green Beans Never Tasted Better

With so many tasty fresh green beans available at farmers markets here in Wisconsin and wherever you are, we wanted to share a wrinkle on how we prepare them. While we love them hot with melted butter, we also love them with a delicious mustard vinaigrette, warm or at room temperature.

Check out our recipe for Green Beans Mustard Vinaigrette and also check out these suggested Dijon mustards to use in this recipe:
Recommended mustards:

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