Yellow Brats on the 4th

The Fourth of July always brings out the maximum of red, white, and blue. But it should also bring out the yellow. A recent shout-out from the A.V. Club of Madison mentioned an excellent brat companion. (Note: the A.V. Club is an entertainment newspaper and website published by The Onion, so it’s humor is generally off-beat and can sometimes be off-color. But, the link in this post is generally just fine, nothing too “Onion crazy”… and, in this case, you certainly can’t argue with their good taste — literally — by referencing a tasty mustard in their story. Wait, am I still typing in parentheses?)

The A.V. Club says, “A sizzling hot brat daubed with Baumgartner Horseradish Mustard from Middleton’s National Mustard Museum sounds like a good idea.” Indeed. We’ve tried it, and they’re absolutely right.

But, if you really want to lay out the ultimate bratwurst companion spread, you really need to expand upon that thought and have the Bratwursts Survival Kit on hand. This set of five mustards is personally recommended by the Curator for slathering on bratwursts and hot dogs. The Bratwursts Survival Kit includes: Baumgartner’s Horseradish, Raye’s Top Dog, Cherchies Banana Pepper, Saucy Mama’s Backyard Brat, Silver Spring Beer ‘n Brat. So, so good!

Now, how all-American is that? Have a great 4th of July, and paint those brats yellow while you’re at it!

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