Burgers & Mustard

We recently saw a story on Tasting Table promoting the use of mayonnaise on burgers. While some may find mayo to be a tasty addition to a burger, we obviously feel like there’s much more fun and flavor to be had with mustard on every burger. Heck, you can really improve ANY sandwich with mustard (view sandwich recipes).

Mustard offers up tons of flavor and more variety, all with no fat! Now, mayo can’t beat THAT! These are some suggestions for what can add a little zip to your next burger:

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2 Responses to Burgers & Mustard

  1. Mrs. Mustard says:

    Hi Linda,

    Unfortunately, the Bumpy Beer Mustard you remember has not been in production for many years. A suggested replacement might be the Food & Wine Sweet Hot Beer Mustard. It’s got a similar slightly sweet & creamy background with whole mustards and a definite beer flavor. It has just a touch more spice to it. You can learn more about Food & Wine Sweet Hot Beer Mustard right here on our site — and you can see all of the beer mustards currently available by clicking our “Spirit Mustards” category. – Mrs. Mustard

  2. Linda August says:

    I’m searching fo BUMPY BEER MUSTARD–can you help?

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