Burn Relief with Yellow Mustard

The healing powers of yellow mustard have resurfaced. That’s right, “healing powers”. The folks at the People’s Pharmacy have seen reports of yellow mustard relieving kitchen burns come up again as a 5-star tip in the Home Remedy Q&A section of their popular website.

This week, a reader posted their story about accidentally grabbing the metal handle of a pot right out of the oven. First, they tried pouring soy sauce on the burn without much relief. Then a frozen gel ice pack but, again, the pain persisted. After checking the People’s Pharmacy website, they stumbled upon the yellow mustard burn remedy.

After generously slathering mustard over the painful burn they felt immediate relief… and by bedtime, the pain was gone with only slight discoloration. By morning, everything was back to normal — no pain, no discoloration.

Joe & Terry at the People’s Pharmacy have heard it all before. They originally ran the tip in their Best Choices from the People’s Pharmacy, a book “filled with natural healing approaches for dozens of common conditions.” And since then, they’ve heard numerous accounts of yellow mustard working miracles on painful kitchen burns and being an effective burn remedy. Some comments posted by readers include:

  • “I work as a chef and have been using mustard for years to help heal burns…”
  • “Within an hour after washing [the mustard] off the burning sensations were gone and the next morning there was barely any red marks left on my skin. It works!”
  • “If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I’d never believe anything so improbable could work.”

If slathering yellow mustard on burns sounded a little crazy at first, it’s hard to deny the effectiveness now. So, next time you have a kitchen mishap that leaves you with a painful burn, open the fridge and reach for that jar of yellow mustard! And add mustard to your list of home remedies for burns … but remember: A severe burn should always be treated as a medical emergency.

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187 Responses to Burn Relief with Yellow Mustard

  1. Brandy says:

    So I burned myself really bad and tried this and it seriously worked y’all

  2. Rick Stevens says:

    My name is Rick Stevens.

    And I’m the luckiest man alive.

    Let me explain: I was born in Chicago. Putting ketchup on a hot dog has always been sacrilege in my community.

    But I’m a rebel.

    #teamketchup all the way baby! Or so I thought.

    I went to the yearly contest at Soldier field between the Bears and my beloved Packers. I adorned my body with a Bart Starr jersey and a wonderful wedge to sit upon my dome. At halftime, I strode confidently to the hot dog stand, ready to order my dog with some gooey red catsup.

    But while I was in line, some rude rude bears boys, seeing my attire, pushed me into the hot dog cart. My hand jutted out in animal instinct to halt my tumble. But it landed directly on the surface of the grill. My lord, the agony. I haven’t experienced such pain since January 25, 1998.

    I screamed a manly scream. The hot dog vendor, a seasoned professional, made rough and efficient through years of cavorting with drunken, mid-western violence voyeurs, quickly sprang into action. He grabbed my hand, pulled out a large jar of mustard, and started to push my paw inside. “No! Only ketchup for me!” I screamed, fighting to retain my iconoclastic nature at all moments.

    But I was the weaker, and wronger, man that day. He forced my hand into that mustard, and the pain immediately elided. A quick trip to the emergency later, and I’m feeling good. I know what I must do. I owe mustard everything. I owe it my life, my identity, my career as a part-time hand model.

    So get out of here ketchup! There’s a new condiment in town. It’s the sweet yellow sauce that’ll save your soul…

  3. Traci Canfield says:

    I tried this last night when I severely burnt my thumb on bacon grease. I rapid put my thumb in cold water and then an ice pack. After a couple hours of no relief, I found this page. It works.

  4. Tom Mlaka says:

    I somehow came across using mustard, I grabbed the handle of a frying pan that was over another burner. I had turned on the wrong burner and for 10 minutes it was heating up the handle of this metal frying pan I have. So I grabbed the handle and OMG was it hot, my hand was burning for a good hour, I tried some lotion I had that made it worse, ran it under cold water for a good 10 minutes that was only a temporary relief. Googled things on my phone while my hand was under the water and came across mustard, so I poured some on and the pain was gone, it’s been 4 hours and I can barely tell I even burned myself, no blisters or nothing. A few rough spots on my skin but it’s almost like it didn’t happen. Zero pain as of now.

  5. Lex C says:

    When I was 12 I accidentally picked up a hot curling iron. 90% of my hand was burned and it was hurting for hours. I put burn cream from a first aid kit on it and it made it hurt worse so I washed it off and decided I had to tough it out. Later I was sitting with my sister and my mom’s friend. She asked me why I wasn’t playing, too, and I showed her my hand which was red but not blistered. She told me “go put some mustard on it!” I looked at her and thought why would this grown woman tell me to do something like that? Mustard is sour and sour stuff burns. So I said “no, you’re just trying to trick me into making it hurt worse!” She said “now, why would I want it to hurt you more?” Good point. So, I trusted her and went in the house and brought out some mustard. She put it on in a thick layer and told me to let it dry. Within 1 minute of putting mustard on it I could hardly feel the pain anymore and by the time it had dried I felt as if I hadn’t been burned at all. I’m 22 now and I have a first aid kit in my house and have never ever used the burn cream. I’ve never had a burn that blistered or was open skin so I dont know if it works on that kind of burn.

  6. Jackie Louviere says:

    Yesterday afternoon I acquired a steam burn. I used yellow mustard and noticed immediate relief once I maintained a steady breeze on my hand, thus used a fan. It is amazing how mustard draws out the heat from a burn, and by maintaining the fan on my hand it seemed to speed the process. I went from spending 6 hours with my hand in cold water to 1 hour with yellow mustard. The pain went away as everyone in the reviews said it would. I will never forget this home remedy.

  7. Jamie says:

    This was amazing I burnt my hand on Carmel and I put the mustard on it and immediately it gave me relief.

  8. Jackson Bush says:

    It’s good to know that you can feel immediate relief when treating burns with yellow mustard. My wife recently got burned the other day and she was asking me of quick and easy home remedies to treat the burn. I’ll be sure to let her know that mustard can help burns fast and efficiently.

  9. Eve says:

    I grabbed a cookie sheet out of the oven filled with bacon wrapped jalapeños. My potholder absorbed the hot bacon grease and saturated my middle and ring finger. I ran my fingers under cold water at first but the pain was so intense I switched to ice. After Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure the ice had melted and the throbbing began. I turned to the internet and found this mustard miracle. I felt immediate relief after a minute. I then added a little yellow mustard to a small empty yogurt jar where I have been soaking for the last 15 minutes. The throbbing gone, as is the pain. We will see what it looks like tomorrow, but I am hopeful for a pain free night.

  10. K Detroit says:

    I did it. I burned my finger and side of my fingernail on a Pyrex dish using a dish towel vs oven mitts — pulling it from the oven @ 400 degrees. Doh! I have slathered my finger in Yellow Mustard and wrapped a couple of cotton balls around my finger, soaked in the good stuff. Instantly it was a stinging, then Relief. So far so good. Cold water offered temporary relief. I am going to keep reapplying the Mustard, I hope it works, thank you.

  11. KEC says:

    I am a jeweler, (true story bye for the guy who thinks everyone is lying lol) I use a torch all day long and handle hot metal a lot. There are multiple things we can get burned on in our repair shop. We were out of burn cream. And i’ll be darned, a co-worker said try mustard ! And it worked! It did not work necessarily immediately, but within 60 seconds I felt relief. It was a good burn. Singed my skin immediately, which is a normal in here for all of us. This one was immediately white. I support mustard as an at home remedy for small burns. It works !

  12. Gayle Snyder says:

    Most people look at me with eyes wide with disbelief when I tell them mustard is a great burn reliever.
    But today, since I already knew the healing properties of mustard on skin burns, I was desperate to get the pain out of my Scalded: mouth from my overheated Misto. So I took the plunge and filled my mouth with Good old table mustard (any brand). I held it there for about 30 seconds, and then repeated the steps. It burned pretty bad for a couple of minutes, But now less than five minutes later, it’s feeling almost back to normal! Don’t be afraid to use it!

  13. Skye says:

    Burnt 3 fingers with hot oil/butter while cooking. I was in lots of pain to the point of wanting to cry out. I put my fingers in cold water, then ice & when I took my hand off, it would throb in pain to the point I thought I would loose use of my fingers temporarily. Then I came across your website. I used organic mustard. Like many of the others, it took only 30mins for my 2 fingers. But the worst finger took an hour & feels 99% better. Feels so good, I can type this with that finger. So glad I was reminded of a old remedy I won’t forget. Was a Major Mustard Fan, now I am A Mustard Believer*

  14. Wade King says:

    Burnt my index finger taking a roast out of the 500 degree over, i was using a dishtowel as a potholder and my index finger wasn’t protected. Skin turned white, looked like a big blister was forming under and I could feel the swelling starting. Excruciating pain. Grabbed the yellow mustard from the fridge and squirted it across the area and put a band-aide on. I’m a true believer. Pain relief was quick, doesn’t even look like its going to blister. Amazing.

  15. Robert says:

    This works try it and you will see

  16. Karen says:

    My sister told me about the mustard remedy and I laughed. Until weeks later when I grabbed the hot end of a curling iron set to maximum heat. I had a good grip on it for a few seconds before I realized it and slung it across the room like a snake. I haven’t been in that much pain in a while. I ran to the kitchen, said “what the heck” and slathered mustard on it. The cold mustard felt like heaven.

    It was a really bad burn, so mustard alone was not enough for the pain. In addition to the mustard I gripped a bag of ice for hours afterwards. I was shocked to get up this morning and see minimal burn marks on my hand and fingers. Only one blister and a little tenderness.

    I am now a believer!

  17. Thank you says:

    I burned both of my fingers cooking for hours it was killing me, tried everything finally tried the mustard at first it did not seem to work but after 15 minutes my pain slowly decreased tg, being Xmas eve totally sucks I burned my hand this bad. Tg, the mustard seems to be working. So ty.

  18. NIta LaRock says:

    This really works !!!

  19. Mean Mr. Mustard says:

    Every time I use the oven I burn my hand. This happened to me last week. Oh the pain. Luckily I came across this site. The mustard healed me like nothing before. I love it.

    Also, I’m fairly certain 90% of these stories in the comments are made up, so I’m just sending out this comment to see if I make it past the algorithm.

    Mustard really is the best!!

    - – - – - -

    Editor’s note: “… I’m fairly certain 90% of these stories are made up…” Not to our knowledge. Like any information on the internet, you’ll have to take what you read here with a grain of salt and a reasonable dose of skepticism. After some consideration, we decided to include your story (although we’re 85% certain it is made up). That aside, as our original post already documented, this topic has previously been a theme of discussion on The People’s Pharmacy, where we originally picked up on this home remedy. We include it here because our site (naturally) gets a lot of mustard-related traffic, and this post has benefitted a lot of people who have tried this home remedy. It is important to note our original post includes this strong reminder: A severe burn should always be treated as a medical emergency.

  20. Stacy says:

    The first time I tried yellow mustard was years ago when I pulled an overdone Frosted Pop Tart from the toaster oven, and the frosting melted to scalding liquid. The burn was immediate. The pain was excruciating, and it blistered immediately. I had heard about the yellow mustard cure, and after nothing else helped, I slathed on some yellow mustard, and WOW… 10 minutes later the pain was gone.

    Within a couple of hours, I hardly knew it was there. Next morning, no sign of the blister, not even red or sensitive… it was GONE. I have been sharing this little fact since then. Sometimes, people don’t believe it ~ that is, until they try it!

  21. laura elliott says:

    I’m so glad I came across this site. I was suffering for 2 hours before I discovered the miracle of mustard!

  22. Zach T. says:

    I am a retired high-ranking U.S. Army official. I host weekly gatherings at my house for all my buddies from the local VA. They come over and we watch football games every week. Hot dogs are a mainstay at my parties. I serve them almost every week. Last year, the week after my big Halloween bash, I decided to do something a little crazy and make my own mustard!

    I found an easy recipe online. I didn’t have much time ‘til the boys were gonna be here, but I threw on “Abbey Road” and just went for it. I worked like a maniac, moving effortlessly, not needing to think, as if possessed by some other-worldly condiment-preparing force. After some time, I realized I was nearly finished and there was only one step left in the instructions: refrigerate for… 12 HOURS. MY LORD! The gang was gonna be there in mere minutes!

    I panicked. How was I gonna get the glorious yellow liquid chilled in time for my guests?? Then I remembered, I had done a fun little surprise last week too and made a Spooooooky haunted house for my pals. And I still had dry ice left over that I used to create the fog effect. I knew it was a longshot, but I tried it. I put my jar into the bucket of dry ice. But it was a tight fit and my hand got stuck! The dry ice started to burn my flesh.

    Agony. I strove mightily and was finally able to pull my hand and the jar free. I didn’t know what to do. How could I stop this interminable pain in my hand? Given my experience in the battlefield, I have come across many unconventional remedies for various ailments. Makeshift tourniquets, using gunpowder to cauterize a wound, etc. But I never would have suspected that in a moment of brilliant madness, as the 3rd song of the medley hit its crescendo, and I slid my fingers into that jar of sweet sweet mustard, that my pain would subside. But subside it did.

    I was healed. I was in such a good mood I grabbed my second favorite Beatles album to play next. My pain was gone. Well, my physical pain, that is. You see my friend Stan (he takes care of my cats while I’m on vacation) he has a key to my house. He and the other guys heard me scream from outside the door, so he opened it to help. And what did they see? They saw: me, The Colonel, mustard, in the kitchen, with a “Revolver.”

  23. Linda Brown Shields says:

    Wowie…can hardly believe it. Tonight, softening some beeswax, I pulled the cup out of the microwave realizing this vintage cup was not microwave proof. Like, OMG!!! And of course, I refused to just drop the scalding vessel. Immediately I poured some vinegar, which was fine until I drew my hand out, the pain crazy-making. Yes, I was ready to cry and totally related to another gal on this thread who mentioned a straight jacket — gosh, burns are the worst! Searching the internet frantically I found you, and wowie, the yellow mustard gave immediate relief. I felt tingling and then tolerable waves of discomfort, but at the 45min mark, I feel nothing at all. Woot. Woot. I did rinse it off once to make another application just to test if I could tolerate it and boom…a non-issue! Tytyty for being here, and I sure enjoyed the many testimonials!! Mustard saved my bacon, tonight and for sure, this is one for the books…Hehehe, I’ll definitely be posting on FB as well, a good word to share. :) I’m over 60 and have not heard about this previously. Oh, Happy Day! The learning never stops, if we’re lucky. Wheeee. :) Giggling a bit about the comment re: spelling errors as I started out being very careful not to hit keys with my mustardy finger. Lol, thankful for spell check ;0)

  24. Jo says:

    Mustard really doesn’t work!

  25. Karee says:

    The MUSTARD remedy just worked for me! I burned two fingers badly with a hot glue gun. The pain was unbearable. I tried cold water, ice, warm water, antiseptic ointment — nothing worked. I was desperate and then I found this website. It took about 5 minutes and the pain started to subside. After 10 minutes it was pretty well gone, but I kept my fingers in mustard for at least 15 minutes. Then I wiped the mustard off and reapplied and wrapped my fingers in gauze so I could go to sleep with the mustard on. This is such a miracle.

  26. jerika says:


  27. Katarina says:

    So me and my boyfriend came home and had dinner. He had fell asleep and I took a quick nap. I woke up 30 minutes later. I decided that I was going to start cleaning up around the house and I noticed the light on the stove top (remember I had just woken up). But my dumbself started touching the areas on the stove and one burner ended up still being on on LOW. But it still hurt like a b*tch and so I hopped on Google and started searching what to put on a burn.

    The first thing that came up was ice. And that worked but only while the ice was on the burn. Once it wasn’t in ice the pain came right back. Then I seen something about mint toothpaste and I didn’t think it would work but I tried it. I was right — it started hurting even more. But then I remembered when my boyfriend told me about a time one of his family members burned their whole foot and they stuck their foot in a bucket of MUSTARD.

    So I looked it up just to be safe and found this article. THANK YOU MUSTARD! I layered my three little fingers in mustard and the pain slowly started to come and go. But then I added more mustard (about 15mins before I started typing this) and now it’s been almost 10 minutes, maybe 15, and the pain is nearly gone. Though it hurts to move my fingers lol the pain is gone and that’s all that matters to me right now!

  28. Fabiola Solis says:

    I was doing a project and I put a hot glue gun on the floor. Worst mistake. I stepped on it BAREFOOT. It hurt like a b* and some glue got on me. But when I read this post, I was like “nuh-uh, no way does this work.” I tried cold water, honey, etc., and none of them worked. I tried mustard. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM. The pain when away in about 10 to 15 minutes. Definitely telling everyone.

  29. Jill Murphy says:

    My son who is 16 burned 3 fingers badly on a lawnmower motor while trying to adjust the level. He was in pain for 12 hours and we tried everything, even spoke to his doctor. The burns were size of dimes on 3 finger pads. Cold ice water or vinegar and water helped, but he said the pain was too bad to sleep. At 1 am I saw this thread. My husband ran up to UDF to get yellow mustard. We began putting fingers in a bowl of it. I got the mustard cold and every 15 minutes would get fresh cold and he never took it out the mustard. He said the pain came in waves for a bit, but after an hour and a half the pain SUBSIDED! We wrapped the fingers in mustard and gauze and finally went to bed at 4am. Morning came and he was pain free. MUSTARD MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF US!!!! The hospital or urgent care would have given him narcotics for pain control our doctor said. NO Thanks!

  30. tweaka r. says:

    If you can make the connection from my “name”, you’ll understand why my burn in particular is of the worst, NASTIEST, most PAINFUL kinds that has me straight sobbing…

    Just burned the INSIDE of my upper arm — aka the thinnest, most delicate skin-on a scorching hot pipe that i just torched clean. HOLY MOTHER OF OUCH, Y’ALL D’:

    Mustard = Godsend. I discovered mustard years ago at my old house when i burnt my fingers accidentally clamping them while styling my hair. Put them in a ziploc with mustard and went about my day. It’s a seriously amazeballs remedy and i tell literally everyone i know about it!!!

  31. Hallie says:

    I burned my hand and this didn’t work. The pain stopped for about 20 minutes but then came back full force. Very disappointing. I used just regular mustard from the fridge.

  32. Margaret says:

    This remedy totally works! I burned the fingertips of my hand badly and the pain was unbearable. I put cold dtoneground mustard on them and in about 10 mins the pain subsided and after 45 mins is gone. I can’t believe it but am so grateful!

  33. Austin says:

    I hardly ever put in my email address to leave a comment but this was worth it…

    I like to pan sear bacon-wrapped sirloin steaks and then finish the steak in the oven for a perfect medium rare. I did this as normal and used a silicone glove to remove the 400˚F pan as normal, back to the stove top. I removed the sirloin to a plate and sat down to eat, I had forgotten to turn the stove top off after making a side dish and by the time I sat down the pan was smoking and catching fire. From repetitive, normal response to a pan starting fire I grabbed the handle to put it on the back burner… OUCH!

    I dropped the pan immediately, and thankfully no oil hit me. I grabbed an ice pack immediately and held it for 10 minutes to keep the blistering down. While I waited (and my steak got cold), I found this article and squirted cold yellow mustard all over my palm and fingers. Within 5 minutes the slight sting could tell it was working. Within 15 minutes, pain was 90% gone. I wrapped my hand in paper towels, ate the steak one handed and went to bed. Just woke up to wash off the dried mustard, no pain and only a tiny blister compared to what should have been a 2-3 week pain in the ass to deal with on my palm. I LOVE Mustard.

  34. Melinda says:

    Burned my pinkie in hot maple syrup. Holding an ice cube for the last 2 hours. Tried the mustard 15 minutes ago and I have been pain free ever since! Miracle mustard! I will use again for sure.

  35. Leeta says:

    Just burned my hand with sugar syrup, I mean the hot sugar literally stuck to my palm. I ran cold water over it to dissolve the hardened sugar. Then I Googled burns and saw this post, so I applied a huge glob of yellow mustard on the burn. The pain is excruciating but it is slowly going away… thank God, cause I was crying it hurt so bad. Yay mustard! I’m now a huge fan and will spread the word!!!!!!!

  36. Mark P. says:

    Yes, it works. I learned this from my grandmother about 40 years ago when I was a kid and burned the heck out of my fingers grabbing a hot metal plate that had been in the oven. It’s a very old home remedy trick. I’m surprised not more know about it, but that’s our modern society of “progress” I suppose where families and friends communicate via social media and texting nowadays and there is little personal interaction anymore except twice a year during the holidays.

    Anyway, you don’t just put it on and wash it off. The key is to rub it in the burn like a lotion then wrap up the injury with the mustard still on it. Your skin will turn yellow. Mustard plant seeds from mustard greens contain allyl isothiocyanate, a natural pain relieving oil. Native Americans knew this trick long before Europeans came to the US and some food historians say it dates back thousands of years as an ancient remedy. See? We don’t always need to spend money on so-called big pharma medicine.

    I know when to go medical professionals, but there are a lot of home remedies out there that can save you money – your medicine cabinet can be either in your refrigerator or your spice cabinet. This trick is one of the latter.

  37. Shantele Gunter says:

    Yellow mustard really works! Complete instant relief for my son!! Writing this remedy down for future accidents for sure.

  38. Brandy Bane says:

    Tonight I burned my entire elbow on the oven door. Tried the mustard and it didn’t help at all. Took sting away for a min but now it is back to hurting so bad.

  39. Kiara Kiara says:

    I burned my hand on a hot plate and was severely burned with blisters. I tried cold water. It helped until I removed my fingers from the water and then the pain came back. I came across this and OMG when I say MAGIC!!!! I instantly got relief from yellow mustard and after about 10 minutes the pain was gone. Thanks for sharing!!!

  40. Yvette says:

    Just burned the heck out of my finger and, well, found this! It works! Thank u so much… yes I’m, trying to type with mustard on my finger.

  41. Christina C says:

    Came across the article and so glad I did! Burned my hand tonight while making dinner. Was pulling a pan out of the oven with a mitt on my hand but didn’t realize there was a hole in the mitt. It started to get really hot so of course I grab the pan with my other hand, which doesn’t have a mitt on it. Tried cold water and ice which only helped temporarily while using them. I Googled and found these comments. I only had stone ground mustard in my fridge. Wasn’t sure if it was going to work or not. It has been on for about 20 minutes. I had waves of burning and stinging and finally about a minute ago I feel nothing! So I had to write this comment while mustard is on my other finger currently. LOL! I am a believer!

  42. Diana says:

    Thank you for this article!!! I heard about this about 15 years ago & knew it worked. Everytime I or one of my kids got burned I could never remember what it was, just that it was something you usually have in the home. I burned my finger earlier while draining noodles for dinner, poured the water right on my finger. I ran it under cold water soaked it in milk but as soon as I took it out it started to burn again. I put an ice pack on it but that only helped for a few minutes, then it started to burn again. Also tried toothpaste, aloe vera gel, neither helped. Took 1200 milligrams of ibuprofen & a Percocet. Still was burning 3 hours later. Went online to see what else to try & found this & remembered I heard about it along time ago. Went to the fridge put mustard on it and a 1/2 hour later it still isn’t burning. Thank you, now I know I will sleep tonight!!!

  43. Kate says:

    I had quite a severe kitchen burn… After trying all the usual home remedies and about to head off to urgent care, I checked the internet and read about yellow mustard for kitchen burns. Feeling desperate and not wanting to go to the hospital, I thought, what the heck? Let’s give it a try. Here I sit about five hours later – no pain, no redness, no nothing! I can’t believe it. I’ve never heard of this remedy for kitchen burns before. I am amazed & frankly, incredulous. I think French’s mustard is missing an incredible marketing tool. I will continue to spread the word. Thank you mustard, who knew???

  44. Nick B says:

    I did not believe that this would work when I found this article! I even read the comments and still didn’t believe it. So I decided to test it. I got a large jar of Heinz mustard and set it next to the stove. I turned the burner on high. I opened the mustard jar and let the burner heat up. I placed my palm on the burner for a good ten seconds. It really hurt! I thrust my blistery paw into that sweet and spicy yellow sauce. My god! Relief! Ecstasy! All of life’s questions were answered when my flesh hit the parabolic seed’s gooey by-product. Ever since that fateful day my life has been immeasurably better. I got a promotion at work! I get more attention from The Ladies ;) The only *slight* downside was when my skin began to fall off and I had to get a skin graft because I never went to a doctor. Oh well! C’est la vie I suppose.

  45. Natalie Zandt says:

    My son’s surgeon recommended dermalmd scar serum for a 3rd degree burn scar. The scar was healed but pretty raised so he’s using this serum to ‘lower’ the scar. He’s been using it about a month and it seems to be working pretty good.

  46. Kellee says:

    I burned my arm tonight while putting a pizza in the oven. After being miserable for several hours and trying aloe, bactine, butter, running it under cold water, and using an ice pack, I Googled what helps a skin burn and read this post about mustard. After applying it to my arm and leaving it on for a few minutes I started to feel some relief. I was completely surprised! I’m spreading the word about this mustard miracle! Thank you!!!!

  47. Leila says:

    I just tried this and it actually works. I had been lying in bed unable to take off the ice pack for hours. I tried Motrin and burn cream and aloe burn, but nothing works better than this condiment.

  48. Edward says:

    Wow! No more throbbing pain and sleepless nights trying to keep an ice pack on a burn following a kitchen mishap. The mustard cure works exceptionally well and is one of the most fast-acting and dramatic home remedies I’ve ever tried. If more people knew about this, it would save an untold amount of collective pain…

  49. Hanar says:

    I was straightening my hair in the morning and I accidentally put it towards my cheek, hitting my face. It burned and looked like a elevator arrow — up ^ and down! LOL! I put yellow mustard on and it helped the sting to go away. And, it didn’t leave a scar — it really works!!! TRY IT! I LOVE IT .❤️

  50. Kesha says:

    So about 2 hours ago I was taking the chicken out of the oven and the pan turned sideways and dumped all the hot grease onto my arm. I instantly ran cold water on it until that became to painful. I tried lidocaine spray and holding my arm over the vent where the a/c was coming out to stop the pain, but it was unbearable and nothing helped. I Googled how to stop it and came across this post and I figured I had nothing to lose so I tried putting mustard on it. After about 5 minutes the pain started easing and I reapplied more mustard about 15 mins later and my pain is gone! I can’t believe it worked but I’m so thankful! Next time I will head straight for the mustard! Thanks for sharing…

  51. Christina Simula says:

    I just burned my thumb and for the last 5 minutes have been sitting with ice on it. Every time I took the ice off it would sting within 5 seconds. I had to keep looking at it as was blistering. So while holding the ice on my thumb and taking 4 Advil I googled home remedies for burns. I couldn’t believe it when I saw yellow mustard! I thought what do I have to lose, so I got the mustard. I am now 10 minutes into using mustard and my pain is just about gone! I am going to wipe off what I have on now and apply mustard one more time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TIP! IT WORKS AMAZINGLY! I honestly was dreading trying to sleep tonight, I thought I will have to sleep with my thumb in a cup of ice. Not anymore, again thank you so much! – Christina

  52. LISA says:

    OMG! I grabbed a fresh pan out of the oven with my left hand. The burning was so bad I could not fall asleep. I ran cold water on it for about 40 minutes. The minute I took the water away, the pain was back horribly. I found this tip and immediately applied mustard to my hand. The pain subsided instantly and was gone within 10 mins. I covered my hand with a glove, leaving the mustard on. I was able to sleep comfortably and when I woke up I removed the glove and the dried mustard. Besides a faint yellow stain, I had no pain and no blistering whatsoever. AMAZING. Thank you!!!

  53. Joe B. says:

    What a lifesaver! I work as a mechanic and a car I was working on overheated and blew 215 degree antifreeze at my face burning me badly around my eyes. It was a careless mistake and being an experienced mechanic I should’ve been more careful, but these things do happen. I was in tremendous pain not being able to take ice off my eyes for more than 10 seconds without the searing burn sensation returning. I came across this page and figured I had nothing to lose by trying yellow mustard. With no exaggeration at all, within 25 minutes the pain had not just subsided it had stopped completely. After only one application of the mustard I was fine. I left it on overnight washed it off in the morning and the whole episode is history with the exception of a little redness and very minor flaking. No blistering and no scarring at all, thank God. Thank you so much to the people who created this page and to all who have posted their testimonials. Anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation should really give this remedy a try. Be safe out there everybody!

  54. Kiki Barbosa says:

    My little girl touched the hair straightener and was crying, it hurt so bad. I did the cold water thing, then coconut oil… it still had her crying. I put mustard on her burn … 5 minutes later and she is saying it fills better. Thank you!

  55. Hammer of Thor says:

    I accidentally burned myself this morning on my stove. My middle and ring finger on my right hand were burned and it hurt. Ran it under cold water, put aloe on it, then i looked up home remedies online and found out about mustard on burns. I’m now sitting here with mustard slathered on my fingers and OMG it does work. My fingers feel much better! Hooray for mustard!!

  56. Joanie says:

    HAHA! How fitting that I can heal a kitchen burn with something from the kitchen! For years I’ve been using essential oils as a natural burn remedy. I’m not so sure about smelling like mustard though, so I may just stick to the oils!

  57. Patty H says:

    Mustard truly works!!!!! I’m a flight attendant and while working a flight I was burned. On long flights we heat up food for the passengers. The food is on long metal racks and because I’m only 5’3 I have to reach up and over to grab the food sometimes. It just so happened my forearm touched the rack and left a 1-1/2 inch burn. I immediately put ice on it and then remembered that my sister told me how mustard stops the pain. We had mustard on the plane because we were selling hamburgers. I grabbed a packet lathered it on every 30 minutes the pain immediately stopped and didn’t hurt at all as long as I had fresh mustard on. I kept wrapping it in gauze. I believe it helped with the pain and to keep it from blistering. Now that I’m reading some articles I believe I had a 2nd to 3rd degree burn that could have become worse had I not used mustard.

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  59. Nikki says:

    I Googled “how to take the sting out of a kitchen burn.” I found this website that talked about putting mustard on a burn. It’s been exactly 20 minutes and the sting is actually gone. I must say I was skeptical but this has made a believer out of me!! Mustard it is from now on!

  60. Preston Jemmott says:

    Took a pan out of the oven with an oven mitt, took mitt off and without thinking reached around an picked the pan up. Pain was pretty severe, so I dunked it in cold flour which usually works but not this time. After reading this post I was hoping for a quick solution and tried yellow mustard. To my surprise, it is helping a lot with pain. My wife says I am getting careless in my old age. I will remember to reach for the yellow mustard next time.

  61. Danielle Meyer says:

    Omg mustard really works… 400° fryer… cleaning it and my fingers accidentally went in the grease. Has been burning, for hours. Tried mustard and it worked.

  62. Robin says:

    Was making a hamburger for dinner and it splashed up and burned a wide area of my chest. I was surprised when I came across this website and thought I would give mustard a try and to my surprise the pain is not as intense and going away. I love mustard and thankfully always have it on hand.

  63. joe says:

    Can’t believe it, mustard works. Worked way better than any thing else tried from internet searches. Used mustard and in a 5 minutes it was easy to tell it was working. Took about 45 minutes to really feel almost painless. About 2 hours in and pain is just about completely gone. Have a feeling if I rinsed with cool water then applied mustard in the 1st place it would have worked better and faster. If you are reading these posts — just try it and give it enough time when you do…

  64. Shawna Hurdle says:

    Non gel toothpaste works just as well. I prefer to slather on the mustard or toothpaste and put a bandaid over it. By the time I remove the bandaid, any area where the skin wasn’t broken is painless and either normal, or (if it’s bad) red but painless. If your skin is broken I’d suggest a hospital instead!

  65. Juan Narvaez says:

    Thank you so much I already knew but I work with pyrotechnics and if I ever get a second degree burn or lower I immediately put some yellow mustard from little packets and works like a charm.

  66. Louis says:

    I burnt my hand on a hot glue gun and it hurt really bad!!!!!!! Put mustard on it, and the pain began to go away.

  67. Brandina says:

    So, I burned the palm of my hand tonight while cooking. The pain was pretty intense. Held it under cold water which helped, until I stopped the water. Used spicy brown mustard and within about 5 minutes, the pain was minimized enough to finish cooking. By the time I finished eating, the pain was completely gone!

  68. Chrissy says:

    To be honest, at first I didn’t think it was going to work. But boy, was I wrong. It didn’t work instantly for me like everyone else, but after 10-15 minutes it started to feel numb. After 20 minutes it was instant relief, and I no longer felt the burn! Mustard is a miracle.

  69. STEPHEN D. WOLF says:

    Burned my hand today from a gas spill. Hand was on fire for about 5 seconds, have multiple blisters. Did the cold water treatment, Burn Gel, but it still was humming all over and was painfull. I did a search for burn treatments and came across this site. I got the Plochman’s out and smeared it over whole hand, WOW almost instant relief. I put it on thick and let it dry. Two hours later most of the red was gone. If a spot started to hurt again, just lick it. It seemed to activate it again and pain stopped. The only spots that still hurt, when touched, are the blisters. This really works better than anything you can buy. Wish I had known about this long time ago. Every one should know about this.

  70. Ebony Mitchell says:

    It really works! Finally the pain stopped!

  71. Wanika Ford says:

    I just burned my hand about 10 minutes ago on my wand curler after curling my hair and I was Googling ways to relieve the pain. Of course they said to put it under cold running water. Every time I think I can handle it, I can’t. I’m a very impatient person, so I went and got the mustard because I was reading about it on this blog. It’s only been 5 minutes, but so much of the pain is gone! It burned for like the first two minutes, but now after 5 minutes the pain is gone.

  72. Marissa Chico says:

    Mustard works… at least better than anything else I tried. I spilled boiling hot bacon grease on all five fingers. It still stings almost two hours later, but considering how bad the burn is I’m lucky I knew the mustard trick (from years of working at wienershnitzel!).

  73. Steven Morris says:

    About an hour ago I burned my hand on a glass lid. I’ve been holding ice in my hand since it happened. Every time I remove the ice I’m back in pain. I Googled home recipes and found trying mustard. Sounded stupid, but I tried it.

    Swear to God this worked!! After I applied the mustard the sting was reduced in half. Within 5 minutes it was nearly gone. It’s been 10 minutes now and I don’t know how long I need to keep this on but I truly feel relieved.

    Thanks for your help.

  74. Will e says:

    I burned myself at work catching a pot I didn’t know was hot from falling, like full on gripped it like a football. So I put yellow mustard on the 3 fingertips that got burnt and 2 of them have minimal redness, while my index finger Is swollen but pain free. Mind you this pot was fresh iff the burner and my coworker who watched me go for it waited until it was in my hand before warning me of how hot it was! Anyway, Heinz yellow mustard works wonders on burns.

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  77. Carolyn says:

    I can attest that mustard worked awesome for me! I burned the palm of my hand on a burner and it caused a 2nd degreen burn and the pain was excruciating. The instant I rubbed mustard on it the pain went away. I then left the mustard on a couple hours and wrapped my hand up. I went to the ER and it almost looked like the burn was gone! No swelling, little redness, and hardly any other symtptoms. Mustard is a miracle drug!!!

  78. I stumbled upon the mustard remedy after cutting up a bunch of banana peppers without wearing gloves. I didn’t think I needed gloves because they weren’t jalapenos or habaneros or anything. My fingers were on FIRE after I got done and nothing helped. I found the mustard remedy searching online. I tried it and almost instantly the burning stopped. I had to reapply the mustard several times, but it worked better than anything.

  79. Pamela H. says:

    Don’t use mustard on a chemical burn, it stings like crazy!

  80. It worked for me.

  81. Melissa says:

    Well I got the worst sunburn of my life on my legs feet and knees. I was told all sorts of remedies, tried some being desperate and practically bed-ridden. I will first mention all the remedies I tried for sunburn with little to no relief: hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, yogurt, butter, black tea, and aloe. I also tried all the sprays I could find over the counter, none of which seemed to really work.

    After all that I decided to try Mustard. I actually heard about it from an old-timer and I tend to be skeptical about trying things she tells me to try. But she had great stories to tell about her experiences and how they used mustard on a guy way back years ago in the Navy.

    After putting it on last night it only stung a little due to the touching, but I was instantly feeling relief. It was the first time the heat actually pulled out and I could feel some coolness hitting my legs. I am still in the process today of doing more coats of mustard due to this being second degree burn.

    Though I may still have a bit to go before I am completely better, mustard definitely has done more for me than anything else I have tried. I will keep you up to date if any changes occur.

  82. Lakeia says:

    Lol. It is working. Mustard works!

  83. burns are wounds and you shouldn’t put mustard or any food on a serious burn. Mustard contains salt and vinegar which is acidic,again not good for the burn. Cool with water for 10 minutes.Visit http://blog.disastersurvivalskills.com/how-to-survive/how-to-treat-burns for all the latest info for burns.

  84. Mzslacks says:

    I had no idea that something as simple as mustard would make my burn stop hurting!!!! Thanks for this information!!!

  85. Georgette says:

    Said I’d post back. Seems the mustard works fairly well. My hand is tender to touch, but pain is no longer there. I don’t feel like I need a strait jacket now. Lol.

  86. Georgette says:

    About 2hours ago, had hot oil splash up the back of my hand. Wow, never knew anything could hurt so bad! Ice water good, but only till you remove your hand from the bowl. Trying the mustard for about 35 minutes now. Surprisingly, it seems to be working. Had to slather it on a few times, and it stung for quite a while. Seems to be letting up now, so hopefully, before long, the last of the pain will be gone. Will post back a bit later.

  87. Neha jha says:

    I burned my hand accidentally holding a hot lid. Did all of the usual — water, ice, toothpaste. But as impatient as I am, I never stuck with one. None of them were helping. I Googled an found this mustard remedy! Now, mustard sits on my thumb on one hand as I type with the other. And yes, now the pain is bearable!

  88. Kate MacMillan says:

    I have been telling people to use mustard for burns for years…. yes, you may smell like a hot dog, but it does work!

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  90. AJ Hainstock says:

    So I did something stupid.. Without knowing the oven was turn on an hour prior to me going to remove the elements to clean the inside, (I guess someone didn’t see my sign till the my had it on for a few minutes already) I reached in and grabbed the element and severely burns my hands, not enough for a doctor but close. Doing everything I’ve heard before from water, toothpaste, beat juice, garlic powder water paste. I just started reaching for cold stuff in the fridge and first thing I grabbed was the mustard and it was instant pain relief from the cold. Well it’s been sitting on for like 15 minutes now and the pain is just very mildly numb. :) will keep this one for the books.

  91. Shaylin Mattson-Cairati says:

    I have to say, as a clumsy teenager who likes to cook, I tend to burn myself A LOT. My mom started teaching me to put mustard on my burns when I was about 9 years old because that’s when I really started to burn myself in the kitchen. Actually today I burned myself while cooking, and, of course, used mustard to help the pain and marks go away. It’s been an hour since the burn and it already feels better. :)

  92. Kathy Chastain says:

    burned my wrist and hand last night when I was taking grits out of the microwave. (that I had cooked too long) the hot grits were sticking to my skin and burning so badly I could hardly stand it. Kept my wrist and hand under cold water for a few minutes then looked on the internet for something to help. I was in a lot of pain. Saw this about mustard and went straight to the refrigerator and kept applying cold mustard all over my hand. Did this several times. It hurt but I just kept applying the mustard. Expected blisters..but I have none!!! Just a tiny bit red and sore this morning. That mustard really worked!!! Thanks for information!

  93. Kyle Thomas says:

    Man I burned my thumb today cooking. Pretty painful and doing the mustard as I type. It helped with pain, it’s been on my thumb maybe 15 minutes. I hope for the best. Let’s all be more careful lol. Burns suck. Thanks for mustard

  94. Kristy says:

    As I sit here with mustard filled fingers I will talk into my phone to send this message haha… Tonight I decided I needed to pop the unpopped kernels in my bag of popcorn and after it didn’t work I stupidly decided to grab the plate that had been in the microwave for minutes.. that was around 9:30… After 2 hours of ice water I remembered the mustard trick and found this site… About 20 min ago I slathered on the mustard… The pain was BAD for those 20 min of them not being in Ice water… But as I sit here now… The pain is in waves and VERY minimal. Thank God for Mustard!!!

  95. Jenny says:

    Yellow mustard is also good for heartburn. All it takes is one teaspoon and the heartburn is gone. I know it sounds nasty, but it works!

  96. MINikki says:

    I was stirring ingredients to make toffee for the holidays and the spoon accidentally fell in the toffee, I reacted too quickly by wanting to grab it as fast as it fell in..Bad Idea! I had toffee stuck to my fingers burning them horribly. I immediately put my hand under cold running water from the faucet for 30 minutes, but as soon as I removed them the pain was back with a vegence. I started googling home remedies and came across soy sauce, milk, vinegar and water, then YELLOW MUSTARD! I tried it and RELIEF! My fingers are still sensitive but the blisters that were forming are gone. I wrapped two fingers that have really bad blisters with mustard infused gauze and I’m going to sleep with them on.. The other fingers that had the smaller blisters, the blisters were gone after 45 minutes of mustard treatment but they’re still tender to the touch. Don’t knock it until you try it.. Hopefully you won’t have to, but in case you do, open the fridge and grab the bottle next to the ketchup, the MUSTARD! Youll be glad you did and a believer too!

  97. LazyDazy says:

    It’s true! Yellow mustard really does help a lot for those burns and cramps. And some of you might wonder why! I’ll tell you, it’s because of all that wonderful –turmeric– that is in Yellow Mustard! You may not know..but turmeric is VERY anti-inflamatory!

    Another cooking mishap, my sis had an awful and nasty burn over her thumb and across her hand, when she was freaking out in pain her friend told her to stick her hand in yellow mustard! LoL! She grabbed the mustard out of the fridge and squeezed it all over her hand and felt almost instant relief. I’ve used it too! (Though it varies from how bad the burn is sometimes) and also cold mustard might be better as well naturally. ; P

    Turmeric is also good for all kinds of things with those lovely Anti-Inflamatory properties. You might be even more surprised if you wanna do some research sometime ;) The wonderful Healing properties of Turmeric! Check it out ;D

  98. Jasmine says:

    I was working on a project that required a hot glue gun and I put some glue on a paper and when I picked up the paper it flipped over onto my thumb and all of the glue burned my finger. I tried to run it under cold water which didn’t work and it started to burn to the point where I couldn’t even touch or move my finger. I wanted to cry.

    So my mom told me to put mustard on it and right when the mustard touched my finger it stopped burning. My burn is so severe that I can still feel a little pain but not as much as before. Never have I ever loved mustard so much!

  99. kerry o says:

    Just suffered nasty burns on 3 fingertips working around my car engine. DOH! Desperate, I starting slathering the finger tips with yellow mustard and wa-laa–its working! Still hurting yet the pain is slowly subsiding after 15 minutes. Who knew? THANK YOU YELLOW MUSTARD.

  100. Cathy says:

    I was making Soup today….Went to check and picked up lid without thinking and without a potholder….The lid touched my Left Forearm for just a few seconds til I dropped it…..Ran cold water over the burn for 2-3 minutes X3….Felt great while cold water on it but was extremely painful when not under the water…..Looked up Burn Remedies and found the Mustard Museum site…..Was intrigued…..Thought what have I got to lose….Couldn’t be any worse than the pain I was in……The pain was lessened but was still bad even after an hour of having the mustard on…..Thought maybe I didn’t put enough mustard on, so I put a little more mustard on….1/2 hour later still painful…..So I took 2 extra-strength Tylenol….1/2 hour later “SWEET GLORIOUS RELIEF !!”…..Took my pain from a “10″ to a “2-3″……I would recommend “MUSTARD for the Burn and EXTRA-STRENGTH TYLENOL for the Pain”…..Oh…..And Mustard works GREAT for CRAMPS….You know the LEG and FOOT CRAMPS that wake you out of a Dead Sleep……Eat 1 Teaspoon of Mustard and if that doesn’t work, eat another Teaspoon….Guaranteed it won’t take more than 2 Teaspoons to relieve the Cramps.

  101. Mika says:

    Burned my left hand on pan that I just pulled out of the oven. Someone gave me ice which didn’t help the pain. After 15 min it began to blister and the pain was excruciating. I put my hand under cold water because it hurt so bad if i didn’t. I came across this site and had my hubby run to the store to buy mustard at the market since we’re on vacation in Hawaii and the condo we’re staying at had none.

    I was skeptical but so desperate. I slathered the mustard on and thanks to the comments I was aware that I would feel waves of intense pain in the beginning but I just needed to power through it. I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt. Someone likened the pain to labor and I see why!!! The rush of pain was similar to getting slammed with contractions. I couldn’t believe a mishap from touching the pan for no more than 2 seconds could produce this kind of misery!

    After 30 minutes I still did not feel better. Then 45 minutes later, I stopped clenching my teeth and I noticed some relief. Then about a full hour after I put the mustard on, the pain seriously went away. Just like it did for the other commenters. AMAZING. And I promise you I do not work for a mustard company. I’m still in disbelief that this is working so well. I’m sitting here typing with one hand because I wanted to post my experience right away before I forgot. Try it and you will be glad you did.

  102. rico says:

    Used mustard for burns for years. Working at a university medical center, a co-worker from Russia told me about the mustard remedy for burns. Everytime a kitchen employee was burned we put mustard on it and for the most part it worked on 1st and 2nd degree burns. It even worked better for keeping the scars to a minimum. It does wonders. Thanks Mis from Russia for showing us this 20 years ago.

  103. Aaron G. says:

    Alright, so I’ve been working in fast food kitchens for a couple of years now, and I’m a little bit accident-prone. It wasn’t until fairly recently that another worker at the Sonic that I work at told me about this trick, and I sh*t you not, it works super well. I tend to get burns from bumping into things, from trying to fish things out of a fryer when they fall in, using tongs to get at them but sometimes you get the little oil splatters. Same with cleaning the grill and the hot degreaser splashes up, or the liquid coming off of the food during cooking pops (if anyone’s cooked bacon you know grease does that a lot). Cold yellow mustard has minimized blistering, a lot of the scarring, and most of the pain from multiple incidences, and I’m so grateful someone told me about this. Wish I’d learned it sooner, honestly.

    A note: just put on a glove over the burned area to keep it from smearing on whatever you’re doing. Makes life and getting back to work much easier.

  104. Kale says:

    I wish I knew this yesterday! I lit off a mortar firework and burnt my finger. It hurt so much! I tried water, then ice, and put some salve on it.The next day I was feeling much better and my dad told me I should have put mustard on it. I told him he was crazy and how would mustard help. He said he burned his finger making burgers and put some mustard on it and it healed. I decided to look it up, and I found this website.

  105. Swathi G says:

    OOOHHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, this thing works!!!!!! I took my cookie sheet out of my oven with a table cloth kind of thing and i accidentally rested my thumb on it. I immediately dropped the tray and rushed to a sink and put my thumb under running water. Thinking it wasn’t that bad I wrapped a damp cloth around it. It lasted a minute before my finger felt like it was being burnt all over again so i took a bowl of ice water (I know, you are not supposed to do that, but it hurt so bad and i could only think of the pain…).

    It felt okay while in the water, but it hurt when i took it out. After some research i declared my burn a second degree burn which meant that it would hurt a lot for a couple of days and fully heal in a couple weeks. Not good since i had a kinda important party that afternoon and unless i planned on keeping my hand in the drinks ice box the whole evening i needed a solution. I looked all over the internet and was about to give up until i found the people’s pharmacy site that said mustard would ease the pain.

    After further research i decided to give it a go. I’m not a big mustard fan so i didn’t have it in my house. So i called up my husband and demanded he come home right away with some mustard after explaining my situation. He thought the heat got to me but never the less brought me some yellow mustard packets from work. I slathered some on and didn’t feel a big difference right away and soon the heat came back and i put my finger back in my ice water. Then i decided not to be a baby, put some more on, kept it on, and watched some TV to get my mind off of it. In about thirty minutes the pain had subsided a little and in an hour the mustard had dried and I had kinda forgotten about the burn. When it was time for the party i just wrapped a bandaid around the dried mustard and had a great (and painless) time. I kept the bandaid on through the night for good measure. In the morning there was no pain but the skin was still healing. All in all I owe one to mustard and I’ll always have a bottle in my fridge now.

  106. Rachel says:

    Well, I just found this post. This after accidentally grabbing a falling extremely hot curling iron with both hands resulting in a 2 very painful burns right where you grab things with your hands! As per usual, did cold running water and then put a cold pack on my hands which offers immediate relief but still burns like a mother when not touching the ice pack. I thought there had to be a better way. Googled and found this.

    Slathered on the mustard, and it’s been about an hour. The first 20-30 mins alternated between feeling way better and then having waves of pain, so you do have to wait this out some but it’s still instantly better than the ice is… Now I’m just having very dull pain, 1 million times better than it was before. I plan on leaving it on as long as possible and now that it’s dried I can even go about my day just being careful how I touch things. We’ll see how the blisters turn out as time goes on but as far as immediate relief, I’m definitely a believer, and as a clumsy burn prone person I’m excited I found this.

    On a sidenote, another person commented about how poor the typing was in this thread. I think they failed to realize that a lot of people are typing, or talk to texting, with mustard all over their hands, LOL.

  107. Dee says:

    Burnt my finger on scorching hot olive oil. I kept my finger in cold water for hours after the burn because the pain was unbearable. Finally, I couldn’t sleep with my hand in the water. So I found this site where many claimed that yellow mustard would stop the pain. I had no faith in this remedy but once the tears began flowing from the pain I had no choice but to try it out. I am still amazed at how the pain stopped instantly as I slathered yellow mustard on my finger. I even bandaged the burn up with mustard and was able to sleep peacefully. The next morning, I had slight sensitivity to the area burned but no real discomfort. So my advice is do not knock it til you try it!!! Thank you to all who posted previously… #miracleremedy

  108. Sarah Allbritton says:

    My daughter burned her thumb and I told her to research it. She did and then she went into our kitchen and put some mustard on it. Then she put it in a ice pack and it stopped the burning.

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  110. M says:

    I don’t have the best track record when it comes to baking, I almost always get burned in some form or other. I never believed it until I tried it, yellow mustard really does help with the pain. I wouldn’t put it on broken skin only if it’s just swollen and stinging and–in the times I’ve used it, I never blistered. It helps with the swelling and the skin sensitivity… the longer you can keep the mustard on the better. The results are worth it even if you can’t stand the smell of mustard.

  111. Benjamin says:

    It works. Burned my finger at work cleaning a fryer, hot oil splashed on to my fingers. I’m currently doing the mustard thing, it’s been about 20 minutes and the pain level has decreased significantly. Granted it still hurts because I kinda cooked myself a little, but I feel like after I wash it off in a bit, I’ll be right as rain.

  112. Jerry S says:

    Well, you may think I am crazy but Yellow Mustard also works for me on rashes and swelling and has worked for me on poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac, skin irritations, rashes, inflammations, sunburn, itchy skin, burning skin and anytime I have a skin problem that is not bleeding I use Yellow Mustard.

    I have paid $60.00 plus for one tube of (skin protector cream and It was a prescription drug applied to the skin) and it did not work. I also bought Cortizone Creams that did not cost as much as the prescription cream and they did not work either and after 2 tubes of the prescription stuff and 2 tubes of Cortizone Cream I tried Yellow Mustard right out of the refrigerator and it worked. If I had Eczema or Psoriasis I would give Mustard a try first before I would try anything else.

    Yellow Mustard is Amazing and Powerful stuff and a good remedy for all kind skin problems and swelling that works for me. It also goes good on Hotdogs, Hamburgers and other foods and if you burn yourself cooking then feel free to use the Mustard to soothe and heal burn. Please do not under estimate the power of YELLOW MUSTARD! It’s Great Stuff.

  113. Christine says:

    Four hours ago while I was making some green tea, I boiled some honey accidentally letting it warm too much. My telephone rang and I answered it with the cup of honey in my right hand. The motion of grabbing the telephone spilled the honey all over the tops of my right hand, my thumb and my fingertips. Initially I resorted to running cold water, then immersing my right hand in a big plastic bowl of ice water.

    While this did initially stop the pain, it came back sooner than later and was quite irritating and uncomfortable. I found The Peoples’ Pharmacy mustard burn suggestion when doing a Bing search for burn aids and was skeptical. Nonetheless, I tried it and massaged a generous amount over my hands and fingers and the initial layer of Neosporin I had also applied.

    Literally within 15 minutes the pain ceased and is gone. Entirely. It’s almost shocking frankly. I’ve also now rinsed the mustard off and the pain hasn’t returned after 30 minutes. I am now wearing a glove on my right hand, one of those cheapie cloth $1.00 thin winter gloves and have the residual mustard-Neosporin “moisturizer” as well.

    What a wonderful natural remedy.

  114. Eliza says:

    So last summer I burned myself on a firework during the 4th of July and my cousin put mustard on my thumb where I burned myself and it actually worked. It burned horribly at first but when I took the mustard off there was instant relief and my burn was almost gone. I could throw a bandage on it without actually hurting, and there is no scar left behind.

    So today I was trying to fix a toothbrush with a lighter and a piece of burning plastic fell down on my finger and I believe it gave me a 1st or 2nd degree burn, I’m not exactly sure. But thanks to my cousin I put mustard on it what that I had to take it instantly off because it is literally midnight. After taking it off it felt so much better so I threw a bandage on it and its pulsating but it feels so much better. This theory is greater than any type of burn cream I have tried. Thank you so much!!

  115. Erin says:

    I came home from work this evening and found my cat had turned on my stove. Being an idiot, I turned it off and wasn’t paying attention to what I was touching and touched the bottoms of my fingers on my left hand on the burner.

    I had been sitting with my fingers wrapped in ice for 2 plus hours until I talked with a friend and she suggested mustard. Never heard of such a thing before, but now here I am, trying to type onehanded with my left hand splattered with mustard and a lot of the burning gone. Not completely, but at least I don’t feel like I’m gonna pass out from pain anymore. We’ll see how it is once I’ve rinsed it.

  116. Barbara E Rolfes says:

    I took a lid off a steamer I was steaming veggies in. Then I tried to open the steamer inside the pan. I got an instant steam burn on the whole front side of my thumb and the side of my index finger. I tried a mix of preparation H and antibiotic ointment with pain reliever.

    I have used this in the past and it worked very well. My mother told me about the preparation H years ago and it usually worked. Then I had a boiling hot water burn and the preparation H did not help alone, so I added some of the antibiotic ointment with pain reliever and it took the pain away and left no pealing skin,just a little bit red. I used coco butter on that. My sister swore on that to get rid of scars. This evening the preparation H and antibiotic ointment didn’t work, so I got on the internet and it brought me to the Mustard Museum.

    I put the mustard on like I would put it on for a hot dog and instantly the pain was gone. Then I wrapped it in gauze and I guess that was a mistake. The pain came back in about 10 min. I put more mustard on and again, the pain gone instantly.

    I read that one man’s wife made him a mustard soup and that worked for him.Thought I would try that, but thought I would add ice to it. No pain as long as in iced mustard soup, but as soon as I took it out, instant pain.

    So now I have just mustard on it, but it is still very painful. I noticed if I keep bending my arm back and forth,the pain lessens,but I will probably have a sore arm tomorrow. I’ll have to deal with that tomorrow. I’m going to put fresh mustard on it again and see if that helps. Sure hope so. It is 9:24, the fresh mustard is on. I’ll come back soon if it isn’t working or later if it works. I think the reason it helped when i moved my arm back and forth is due to the gait therory.

    That is the belief that the nerves that send pain messages can not compete with other messages at the same time.So,if you move some part of your body or concentrate on how another part of your body feels, you block the pain messages from going to your brain. Well, sorry to say, as I was typing this last bit, my pain came back already. I was aware that I was starting to move my arm again to relive the burn pain. Perhaps I’ll go try resting in front of the TV. I will either scare the pain away or laugh it away depending on what I find to watch. I think my soaking it in ice mustard soup,messed up the mustard treatment. If I just wait, it might start to work. It’s 9:36. I’m back. It’s 10:07 and the pain is just about gone. I think I noticed it about 10 min ago getting less and less. Now it is small waves of pain mixed with a bit of tingling.I think my mistake was putting ice into the mustard soup I read about earlier. Won’t do that again. Now I have to figure out how to get mustard stain out of my artificial sheep skin blanket. Any ideas. Well I just scraped a blob of mustard off my nose, LOL.

    Thanks to all who wrote about the mustard cure!

  117. Stephanie says:

    My daughter is 3, she rolls out of her bed onto the floor from time to time, my husband and I put a lot of padding on the floor to cushion her fall. Our house is older, so it has baseboard heating, my poor daughter rolled out of her bed, but she rolled so far that she was near the baseboard heater, which the heater is on the other side of the room. She must have raised her little arm up until her fingers were in the heater touching the heating element because the heater was above her head.

    My husband and I were out in the living room watching tv when we heard her scream. I ran in her room to find her near the heater and I immediately new what had happened. I brought her out into the living room and looked at her fingers. She had burned the very tips of her 4 fingers — they were white. My husband put toothpaste on her fingers and it did seem to help right away, but she was still in a lot of pain.

    I immediately ran for my tablet to look up what can be used on severe burns with a 3 year old child. A bunch of different sites came up, but I clicked on this site first. We immediately put some mustard on a plate and placed her finger tips in the mustard. My daughter was still restless until a half an hour or so later, I gave her some baby Tylenol and the Tylenol with the mustard took affect. She finally quieted down and fell asleep. I thank all the people who have used the mustard burn remedy and gave their reviews — and I really thank the Mustard Museum for sharing.

  118. Rob says:

    Last night I burned the tops of all 4 fingers filling water into my wood stove steamer. Steam burn ouch!!! My wife tried to help by preparing a tea bag soak (it made the pain worse), then aloe (helped pain for a minute), silvatine (did nothing). We then Googled how to treat burns and — bam! — thankfully found this site. Upon squirting the mustard down my fingers like a hotdog, I could immediately feel the relief. She then (god bless her) made me a mustard soup to soak in for over an hour. This morning I am happy to say, very little pain, they do feel numb (dead) but this remedy was amazing. THANK YOU!!!

  119. Allan says:

    I can’t believe this works. It worked so dam well I stood on a hair straightener and burned the bottom of my foot. It burned like anything… so I ran cold water over it for 10 minutes then got a bucket of water and let it soak. I tried grated potato to pull the heat out but it was still burning like crazy then I tried soaking my foot in milk. That one worked a bit. It sorta neutralized the pain but I could feel the burn coming back. I looked up burn remedies on the web and came across this.

    After 2 hours of the burn not getting any better I didn’t even hesitate I yelled out to my mother “mum mustard do we have any? Need to try it, now!” – haha. I put it on and it was weird I was just waiting for it to to start burning again. I kept reading through the other posts on here and before I knew it 25 minutes went by and no pain at all. I had completely forgotten about the pain. Anyway, it was a pretty bad burn and I still have blisters on my foot. They seem to have shrunk in size and don’t hurt at all — this yellow mustard remedy is now legendary!!

  120. Jaiden says:

    This works sooooo well. I love to bake and I made some muffins. When I went to take them out of the oven I set my arm down on the door of the oven. I felt instant pain and rushed to the sink to run my arm under cold water. I grabbed my laptop and looked up home remedies for burns. I tried aloe vera but that made the pain in my arm worse. I washed off the aloe vera and realized that my arm was starting to bubble and blister. With my last bit of hope I tried looking up burn remedies one last time. That’s when I found this mustard trick. I slathered it on my burn and had instant relief. There were little waves of pain for the next 15 minutes then nothing. I went to bed and woke up the next morning with no pain what so ever. I started picking the dried mustard off and there was still no pain just slight redness and the area was somewhat tender. I am so thankful for this mustard trick!

  121. Jessica says:

    So I walked in my dinner and I put my hand on the “off” burner until I realized that it wasn’t off. I immediately pulled my hand off and put it under cold running water. I could see it blistering and felt it getting hard. I was in a horrible pain without an ice pack on it. My sister’s husband’s father is a veteran and told me to not use under to prevent tissue damage. Then I was in an insane pain before succumbing to ice again. I told a good friend who immediately suggested yellow mustard. I was hella confused, but also desperate. I completely covered my hand in an inch of mustard and felt relief for a minute or so until it hurt again and I resorted to ice. After reading some reviews I decided to try it again. I managed the pain and more it’s slightly tingly but not pained. Once this dries I’ll rinse it and hopefully be back to normal by Sunday, aka, my sister’s wedding where I’m maid of honor. I will see my results in the morning!!!

  122. Amy says:

    I was straightening my hair when I decided it looked bland, so I decided to use my magic wand (for those of you who don’t know what that is it’s a curling iron) and I couldn’t find my glove so I tried to curl my hair without my glove and completely burned my wrist. I shook it off because I thought maybe it wasn’t too bad but then my children wanted to bake pizza so I put it in the oven. 15 mins later when I took the pizza out I reburned where I was already burned. Owwwwwww! It hurt sooo bad and the blister was really tall (like as tall as a pencil eraser) and spread across my wrist. I spread yellow mustard on my burns and got immediate relief!

  123. brittany says:

    I burned my hand this evening on a 425°F cast iron skillet! Ouch! Not the worst pain I’ve ever felt, but it was still very unpleasant. I ran my hand under cold water and held various cold object from my fridge. This helped a little but after an hour or so it was tiring. I tried aloe and baking soda paste, neither worked.

    I finally found this and tried mustard! After applying mustard the pain immediately decreased. It’s not gone completely, but it also has not dried yet. Fingers crossed…

  124. Maxine says:

    Hey Everyone – I can testify to mustard as remedy for burn. Last night, I seared steaks on the burner then put the frying pan in the oven to finish them off. After removing the pan from the oven, I later grabbed the handle — forgetting it had been in the oven. It hurt so bad, and I can’t even describe the burn. I kept running cold water over my hand. It was fine as long as the water was running, but without the water it was an awful burning. My daughter Googled burn relief and found this reference to mustard. I slathered mustard over my fingers and hand and there was almost immediate relief from the burning. After I rinsed the mustard off, there was no burn. Through the night, it was fine and this morning, I can hardly tell of the burn — just slightly swollen, but no burn and normal coloring. Very thankful!

  125. BJ says:

    I spilled rapidly boiling water on my foot. I suffered horrendous pain for 4 1/2 hours until I found this mustard remedy. I had to apply it twice, and I continued to dunk my foot in ice water and it took 45 minutes to relieve the pain. I slept with mustard on my foot and have blisters still from the initial burn, but there is no pain.

  126. Keila says:

    The worst thing that could happen to a girl happened to me… I went to get my eyebrows waxed and came out the salon looking like a monster not even being able to open my eyes because of the pain. I got home, cried, and then applied aloe vera from a plant I had in the back… the pain was still horrible and I went online when saw this mustard remedy for burns. I was a little skeptical, but I applied yellow mustard and it stung like crazy… I began to cry, but then I immediately got relief! And the burn has become a little lighter. I’m so happy with this remedy because it really does work!!!!

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  128. chances says:

    Burned my finger in the oven. My boyfriend told me to try mustard but I didn’t. Then I looked it up and saw the comments people left. Mustard is now on my finger letting it dry by the fan hopefully this works, I’m a big baby with it comes to burns…

  129. Idiot in the Kitchen says:

    I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Mustard Museum!! Yesterday, while reading the next step in my recipe, I grabbed the handle of a pan…which would have been fine except I had just removed said pan from a 450 degree oven where it had been residing for over 30 minutes. Mother was H-O-T!! And I didn’t just “lightly” touch the handle, I full-on GRABBED the handle & picked up the pan…..and then dropped it SCREAMING because of the pain!! I turned to the sink and turned the cold water on and plunged it under the faucet. All five fingers were burned from finger tips to palm. My palm was also burned horribly. I could tell from the pain that this was going to be BAD and I started to cry. It did not help that my husband came in and all he could say was “why did you do that”……..meaning why did I grab the pan….like I did it on purpose or something! I rubbed my hand as I held it underwater as I had learned from previous, MUCH MUCH milder burns that if you rub it, blood will come to the area and help the situation AND it will help de-sensitize the burn as it heals. But I’ve never had a burn as serious as this one….so rubbing wasn’t helping much. After 20 minutes, I could see that all of my fingertips were full-on blisters, as was most every bit of my palm. I realized my evening was over, and took refuge on the couch with a huge bowl of cold water and a pile of towels. I took 1600 mg of ibuprofen and settled in for a good, long, miserable, tear-filled night, as my hand was throbbing and burning even while in the water. I realized I was going to be unable to function for at least a few days, as I could not even SLIGHTLY bend my fingers or palm at all. I had my husband bring my laptop to me, and I began searching for help on the internet. All I could find was stuff like “immerse in cold water” and “go to the ER if there are blisters or if the burns are on your hands or joints”, etc…….I was beginning to think I would have no choice but to go to the ER. The official medical sites said no home remedies would work….no butter, no potatoes, no baking soda, no alcohol and on and on. So I suffered for about 2 hours, downing additional Ibuprofen and even stronger pain meds. Eventually I could bear it as long as my hand was submerged in cool water. But as SOON as I removed it, even for a second, an intense pain that made me sob and fall to my knees would begin. I decided to look a little more online, as my husband prepared to take me to the hospital. But I was scared to go, because there are so, SO many germs in a hospital I thought it would make things worse!!!!! And what could they do anyway? Wrap it in gauze? This would help how exactly? And then……..I came across the MUSTARD MUSEUM site that had so, SO many recommendations about using mustard on burns, which I have NEVER heard of before! I thought that it would be easy enough to try, so I slathered regular yellow mustard all over every single inch…..and for a moment it felt good because it was so cool…….and then the pain came back. I thought DAMMIT!!!! So I read thru several more entries, and noticed that some people said it can take a bit of time to work, perhaps even as long as it takes for the mustard to “dry”. I decided I was going to tough it out. It took me a few tries……I could put the mustard on, but could only stand it for a few minutes before I plunged my hand back in the good ole H20. But eventually I convinced myself to BUCK UP. And slathered a good coating on once again, over the redness and blisters and all……and stuck it out for 25 minutes………as which time……..THE PAIN STOPPED. COMPLETELY. ENTIRELY. MIRACULOUSLY. The mustard dried……..and it looked like a knit glove because I’d put it on so thickly. I was able to sleep on the couch with my hand in it’s mustard glove, elevated on some towels. And slept for…………12 hours straight. When I woke up, the mustard was like clay. AND NO PAIN. I was still freaked out it would start again, so I slathered on yet another ridiculously thick layer of mustard over the dried one, and went back to sleep for 6 hours. Woke up and realized that WOW there are dried bits of mustard everywhere…..but the pain was still gone!!! I eventually got up the nerve to rinse the mustard off………very slowly at first, and because the pain didn’t come back, I kept rinsing and rubbing and rinsing……until my hand was completely mustard free. Stained yellow, but still pain free. And ALL the blisters were COMPLETELY GONE on my fingertips. LIKE THEY WERE NEVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The blister on my palm was reduced to the size of a pencil eraser (from the size of a golf ball). I could move and bend and use my hand normally!! It’s now 3 hours later, and still no pain. AT ALL. My entire hand is still stained deep yellow, and I REALLY feel like eating a hot dog BUT I AM CURED. I am forever grateful to everyone who took the time to share their stories about the MIRACLE known as MUSTARD. I can’t wait to spread the word so others can be helped too……THANK YOU……!!!!!

  130. Ron says:

    I was soldering two pieces of metal and suddenly one lit up red hot it burned the entire pad of my finger and was a huge blister almost before I could drop the metal.

    Immediate and intense pain followed. I held an ice cold can of Coke on the burn but the second I removed the can it was excruciating. Got on the internet and found the mustard thing. Willing to try anything, I smeared my finger with cold mustard.

    It was immediately better, but had slight pain for a few minutes, then no pain. I’m amazed.
    There may be typos because I’m typing with one hand as there is mustard on the other… LOL

  131. Danette Main says:

    Last night, I had burned the top part of my fingers when scalding hot water splashed on them from a teapot. Immediately they started to swell and turn red. I know you’re not supposed to use ice or cold water but it was the only thing that would relieve the pain.

    After 3 hours of ice and cold water, it was still very painful if I removed the ice for more then 15 seconds. Needing to go to bed and knowing I would be getting up every 1/2 hour to put on more ice, I came upon the yellow mustard remedy.

    After immediately putting it on, the pain was gone. Skeptical at first because the mustard was cold, I continued to wait 5, 10 and 15 minutes with no pain! While reading about mustard remedies, it works because it opens up the blood cells and brings them to the surface of the skin.

  132. casey says:

    My husband got a muffler burn from working on MY bike. I was trying was trying everything. The aloe actually hurt him worse. Then I read this about yellow mustard. I knew he wouldn’t do it so I just squirted it on the burn … he said nothing, but 10 minutes later he thanked me. Thank you Mustard Museum!

  133. carrie says:

    Did not work at all for me. I’ve had my fingers in cold water for 3 hours and am desperate for relief.
    I tried giving mustard a try…thought that I’d be willing to wait for relief but the pain was too intense and I had to rinse it off and go back to cold water.

  134. Linda Weatherl says:

    Yesterday I mowed over an acre and ended up with an aching wrist. I put Aspercream on it and it didn’t help. Later I took a shower and got ready for bed but it ached so bad I couldn’t sleep so I got up and put some Capzasin HP on it and went to bed.

    I woke up about 3 I think and had a really bad burning on my wrist so I got up and went to the bathroom to look at it. Wow! It was so red. I washed it and put some Sooth-A-Caine on it and went back to bed only to have to get up and wash it off.

    Then I remembered this post on Facebook my niece had posted about mustard for burns, so I went into the kitchen and got the yellow mustard out of the refrigerator and splattered it on real good. It felt so good, actually had to do both hands because I had used the Capzasin on both. Got a towel to lay my hands on and went back to bed and sleep the rest of the night.

    When I got up this morning and looked at it the redness was gone completely. I have tenderness on the area but the burn is gone … thanks to Mustard.

  135. shelly says:

    My grandma always said use mustard on a burn it works great. I told my boyfriend’s mom and he said i was crazy. So I Googled it and was so glad to find what I was looking for. I showed it to her and now shes a mustard believer too … thank you!

  136. Lisa says:

    Omg! I’m 44 years old and to think all my life I never knew this. I’ve burned myself so many times in the past and no one ever told me this until today.

    I burned the under part of my arm on a scalding hot frying pan that I was cooking cheese steaks in and it was stinging really bad. My sister mentioned yellow mustard and as soon as I plopped it on, the stinging stopped. Not exaggerating! What a miracle!

    I only wish I had known this years ago!

  137. Alane Chill says:

    Great article. I’ve recently become enthusiastic about alternative medicine/home remedies soon after being misdiagnosed by my GP for a potentially life-threatening condition. I feel more and mor folks are beginning to wake up and understand that the healthcare establishment doesn’t have our best interests at heart, and they need to take responsibility for their own health, simply because no one else is going to.

    Regrettably, mainstream media continues to label anyone who talks about all-natural therapy/alternative medicine as a “quack” or even a “charlatan” like this article from NBC news: http://www.nbcnews.club/cancer-patients-turning-alternative-remedies/127 . It’s nothing more than a hit-piece. We need to have some honest reporting about the success rate of alternative medicine, it is about time.

  138. Nichole N says:

    Burned my fingers on a hot pan out of the oven. Immediate blistering and white skin. I applied ice directly — I know I’m not supposed to but god it hurt — and while that helped immensely the pain returned with full force seconds after the ice melted. I Googled “relief from burns” and came across mustard. I “knew” it wouldn’t work, but it was almost bedtime and I knew it would keep me up all night so I gave it a try. I slathered my fingers and….. SOME relief. Not %100 but much better than nothing. I noticed that the relief got better as the mustard dried. I poured more and more on out of desperation and I have to say after about 10 minutes I was in heaven! I literally cried it is so much better! I’m not taking the mustard off at least until tomorrow but I’m sure it helped. If you don’t get immediate relief, try adding more and wait just a few minutes. Mine wasn’t even cold, it had been out on the counter. Yay, mustard!

  139. Allisson says:

    Just looked this up. Have had my finger in a bowl of ice water for over 2 hours. With 2 kids, that’s just too long. I was skeptical… but I tried yellow mustard and it’s been 7 minutes without re-dipping my fingers into the cold water. That slow creeping fire you feel when removing from ice water is gone!! And this is my first attempt at home remedies, so thank you!!

  140. bob says:

    Burned the soft pads of 4 fingertips of my left hand on the lawn mower muffler while loading it into the truck. Skin turned white almost instantly, and unrelenting SEVERE pain ensued.

    If I didn’t keep the finger tips in glass of cool water, I was nearly in tears from the pain. I did that for over an hour with no relief… Then I covered the burned skin with yellow mustard and within 10 minutes the pain went away almost completely. It did take about 10 minutes of “waves of pain” that came and went… tho ultimately it just stayed away. AMAZING!

  141. jana says:

    I’m a line cook and burn myself a lot. LOL I always use yellow mustard for my burns. I thought it was beyond crazy until I tried it myself…

  142. Lauren Edgar says:

    Mustard is not just for the kitchen, either. I was curling my hair with the wand and had it set at 400 degrees. I had set my brush right next to it, but when I went to grab my brush handle I grabbed the end of the wand, and didn’t even realize it for about 3 seconds. When I finally threw it down I ran to the kitchen and put yellow mustard all over my hand, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then washed it off. No pain, no blisters, and only slight discoloration that was completely gone the next day. I don’t know what the heck is in this stuff, but it works!!

  143. Chellie says:

    It works. Burned my thumb cooking. Put ice on it. As soon as I took off the ice, the pain was severe. Slathered on the ‘ole mustard and the pain decreased. Did not ice it again and amazingly no blister.

  144. mion chael zohlmann says:

    Well, I’m a believer. I watched a three year old put his hand on a barbeque grill. As you could imagine, the scream was awful. I went into a panic trying to help. His mom came over with yellow mustard and immediately put it on his hand — within one minute no tears and he was back to playing.

  145. Elizabeth Baglini says:

    This absolutely works! I have been using yellow mustard for years on burns.

  146. Nancy says:

    I’ve never post anything anywhere but I had to share this remedy. I decided to save seeds from a Jalapeno pepper plant we were given. I don’t even know what the variety is they are tiny red peppers that look like it was a self decorated christmas tree. This left a on fire kinda burn that I tried over 15 home remedies — no kidding it’s that painful — that people posted online. Most called it Jalapeno hands. Finally, and I wish I knew which site I read it from because I would like to thank them, someone said yellow mustard. I put that on let in dry and the burn hasn’t comeback since. I’m not sure if its the tumeric ingredient but it was a life saver anything else I tried had under 5 minute of relief before the pain came back.

  147. Thom says:

    I was seasoning my cast iron skillets today and went to take one out of the oven. The bloody thing burned me right through my oven mitt. I put a generous amount of yellow mustard on it, and in ten minutes the pain had subsided significantly. It feels completely normal now, so thank you, mustard! On an unrelated note, the amount of typos, fragments and run-on sentences in the comments section is … unsettling. What’s a good home remedy for illiteracy?

  148. G says:

    Burned my left hand this morning with the curling iron while getting ready for work. It was starting to blister. Ouch! I knew about the mustard thing, but I was running late. When I got to work I checked the fridge in the break room, aaaahhhhhhh there it was … the bottle of Yellow Mustard. I ran cold water over my burn first, patted it dry, and applied a big glop of mustard on my burn. All my co-workers just gave me that look.. and asked, “is that mustard on your hand? ” and I said, “yuuuup!” By the time I walked back to my desk almost all of the sting from the pain was gone! Yellow Mustard … it’s the bessssst.

  149. Ezrie Claire says:

    I burned my thumb pretty bad with a hot glue gun. Relieves pain for 5 minutes. You should change the mustard periodically so you have cool mustard on the burn.

  150. Merissa says:

    So I was calling B.S. on the mustard idea for burns as I’m sitting her with a scalded forearm wrist and hand. Been burned for 1.5 hours and nothing was helping. So I said ‘what the heck’ and went to the kitchen. Bottom line: Burn + Mustard = Instant Relief

  151. Fred Ward says:

    Got burned at work and put yellow mustard on it. The burn was pretty bad. The mustard draws all the fire out, and yes, it soothed the burn. I left it on for a few hours and when I washed it off the burn was only a little bit red, no blisters. This really works…

  152. Chris L. says:

    Just burned several fingers trying to move a hot iron skillet which I didn’t know was hot at the time. Tried the mustard advice and helped for only 5 minutes. Still in lots of pain!

  153. Amanda S says:

    My 23 month old daughter touched a light bulb tonight that had been on for several hours, we ran out and got burn spray and everything but nothing was working so I got online and found this! After hours of crying, once the mustard was on she stopped crying within a minute! It is now 2am and she is sound asleep. I am surprised at how well this worked! Thank you for posting this :)

  154. Victorya says:

    Burned my neck this morning curling my hair.
    Everyone at my school thinks it’s a hickey (how embarrassing)
    I’m home now with mustard setting on my neck.
    Wish me luck :P

  155. Shannon says:

    I had heard about this trick when I worked at a resturant. One of the cooks left a ladle in the beans on the burner. I had to get some for a table but had no idea the ladle had been sitting there on the burner with the beans. I grabbed it and was immediately burned. The other cook ran to a table and grabbed the mustard bottld ans covered my hand. Instantly the burn felt better. Oddly enough he missed a small part of the burn. Nothing blistered but the part that had no mustard on it. Since then I have always used mustard.

    For those who say ice and cold water… I have also heard ice and cold water are the worst and will practically garantee you a blister. The hot skin becoming cold too quick will cause the separation due to rapid temp change. To that end I have heard room temp to bring the burn down slower and help reduce the chance of blisters…. so that has been my rule of thumb. So far no blisters on any mustard treated burns. I have used it from oven burns, to halogen bulb burns, even machinery exhaust burns. So far so good! Go mustard!

  156. Jackie atkinson says:

    My son decided to push the cigarette lighter in in the truck (it hasn’t worked in 4 years) pushed it in and immediately pulled it out and stuck his finger to it and burnt the tip of his finger bad. We did silver sulfadiazine cream and he also had to have a bag of ice. But I just googled burns and this popped up. He’s now sitting with his finger in mustard as we speak and isn’t complaining near as much. Fingers crossed it works!

  157. Kathryn says:

    Mustard has been used in Mexico for at least a hundred years for burns. My son in law used it when he was a child and when my daughter burned her hand when oil from a frying pan full of chicken splattered on the palm of her hand as she was turning the pieces she remembered what he had said after dropping to her knees in pain. When she looked at her palm there were already big blisters forming and a crack appeared about an inch long as she opened her hand. She crawled to the fridge and plunged her hand into a family sized jar of YELLOW MUSTARD and held it there for a while. When the burning stopped she took it out and wrapped it in a dish towel and sat in the living room while her husband finished cooking dinner. Several hours later she realized that she had been asleep and it was already dark. She decided to look at her hand. Taking off the towel and opening her hand, the mustard had dried into a brown-yellow dough-like wad. There were no blisters and the crack was dried and black as if it was an old injury. I tell everyone I meet about it. It works like a MIRACLE!!! I used it years later when I got a really bad sunburn on my left arm & leg. When it dried I brushed off the thick flakes and reapplied it thickly again & again at least 5 times. It not only took away the pain but it also never blistered. Several days later I felt my right arm tickling as if a bug or a hair was on it. I rubbed it with my left hand and to my amazement my hand got all WET! Looking at my arm I discovered that my right arm had bee burned also and it now was COVERED with little blisters which I had broken some of when I thought it was a bug. It didn’t hurt at all and must have been a very light burn but with the pain of the other arm I hadn’t even noticed it. I felt a little silly but was still very GRATEFUL for the AMAZING MUSTARD!!!

  158. Mary Jane S says:

    I burned myself this morning on the toaster oven at work. It was really bad. There was another lady in the kitchen & she told me about the yellow mustard trick. It worked. I could hardly believe it. Thank you yellow mustard.

  159. Denise O'Meara says:

    I too am a mustard convert! I just applied it to a painful burn after scalding myself with a teabag that had just been dipped in boiling water! The mustard was highly effective; resulting in lower redness and pain relief! Marvelous!

  160. Tracy says:

    I am so thankful I found this post and responses.
    I burned my hand grabbing the handle of a skillet I had just taken out of a 450 degree oven.
    I could not stand the pain. What a welcome relief.

  161. Susan Price says:

    Mustard is awesome. I used to work in the food industry and when I had to work the line and burned myself and couldn’t stop to doctor it, slathering on some cold mustard worked every time. The trick, which some people might not get from the comments I’ve been reading, is to LEAVE THE MUSTARD ON. The best was is: Run cold water over the burn site for about 30 seconds to a minute to stop the actual burn. Pat dry with a clean towel. You need to then slather the mustard on liberally, then let it dry in the open air to a crust. As it dries, it will take away the pain. You can reapply as needed. I wouldn’t suggest it on actual open burn wounds, but it’s great for most closed burns.

  162. Dianna says:

    My 3-1/2 year old grand baby stepped on my daughters flat iron and instantly started to cry in pain. we Immediately put mustard on it he continued to cry and it was discovered that the side we put the mustard was not hurting but the other side of his foot was burnt as well. We put mustard on that side, too, and then we put his foot on cool water. Needless to say the pain is gone however I am not sure if we should have ran his foot in the cool water first, and then applied the mustard. He does have a blister on both sides but they are not broken. There is no doubt the mustard worked!

  163. joshua king says:

    My son touch a fireplace with the back of his hand contain 3 degree burns i use good old yellow Mustard at work cause we deal with 400 degree glue and sometimes it gets on you. So my first thought was good old yellow mustard which he cried for a hour but later on that day he was running around jump laughing and back being a kid again. Happy dad.

  164. Tyler says:

    Well mustard worked decent but not 100% I went to the bathroom and went to wipe it off with a charmin wipe and that took it away 100% until I take it off but now it is about gone I think mustard works =)

  165. Mary says:

    My 22 month old granddaughter was staying with me just last night. We went out to our barn to tend to some work I was doing and I had a two lamp work light that had been running for about 24 hours. I kept warning her about it and that it was hot and it would barn, but before I knew it, she had put two of her fingers on it, which just happens to be the two fingers that are her pacifier when she is ready to go to bed. She had blisters on each of her fingers and was crying so heart breakingly. I brought her inside and ran cold water over her fingers. tried aloe and loose bandaids. I tried tylenol and anything that I could think of and nothing worked. I felt like a terrible grandmother! I called my daughter and she was worried to death. She called her boss to ask to leave early and he suggested mustard which she nor I had never heard of using. I googled it, came across this website, read all of these user comments and when my granddaughter had cried herself to sleep, I very gingerly slathered mustard on her little fingers and wrapped them loosely with large bandaids. She slept for a few hours when she woke up and began to cry. I thought she was still in pain but she kept saying off, off. I tried to explain to her that she had a boo boo and had to leave them on. Before I knew it I heard the sound of her sucking on her pacifier fingers. I had to take a look at the fingers that just a few hours before she could not bear to put in her mouth because every time she tried she cried and cried, and to my extremely happy surprise, it was like she had never been burned. Shewww, what a relief for me and her I’m sure. I will tell EVERYONE about mustard, the miracle burn salve.

  166. Traci says:

    I was at breakfast function at my daughter’s school. Another person helped me fill my coffee cup because my hands were full. I was holding my cup with one finger inside. The person filled it a bit too much and burned the tip of my finger. Ice was not immediately put on my finger because there was none available. I was finally able to find a teacher that gave me an Otter Pop to use until I got to work. The Otter Pop lasted about an hour. When I arrived to work the pain was excruciating. I would put my finger tip on ice, but as soon as I removed it from the cold icy grave, the pain would sneak back. It felt like someone was holding a flame under my finger. The pain began to radiate down my finger and seem to hop over to the adjacent unharmed digits on my hand. I didn’t know what else to do. We didn’t have a fully stocked first aid kit at work and I didn’t want to go to urgent care or home because or a little 1st degree burn. (I say 1st degree because it is red and painful. No broken skin or blistering.)

    So I used my favorite internet friend that always knows what to tell me, Google! I then came across this website that was telling everyone to put a yellow substance known as “Yellow Mustard” on the area of the burn. People were posting stories that they have tried the suggestion and it worked for hours. I was baffled! In all my 41 years I have not heard of ever putting “Mustard” on a burn. How could this be?? So I thought to myself; “Well, what you have got to lose?” Luckily we have a fridge for people to put lunch items in. I know I didn’t have any mustard in there, but I decided to check anyway. I didn’t find “plain old yellow mustard” but found some fancy Best Food “Dijon” mustard. I didn’t want to use such fancy mustard for such a little burn, but I thought what the heck, maybe it will work. I squeezed a big dollop onto my finger tip and slathered it all over the burn. To my surprise it worked!!! I was so shocked and happy that the pain was gone!!!

    About ten minutes of having this miracle goo on my finger I would feel the pain come back. It would not be as strong as it was before though. Then all of a sudden the pain disappeared and come back again. I don’t know if it is mind over matter or has something to do with the mustard reactivating.

    Since the first dollop, I decided that I would bandage up my finger since it looked a bit odd to be at work with this yellow substance on the tip of my finger. I added a second round to my finger and wrapped it up with a bandage or two. It is working!!! I am so pleased and grateful to the person that found this miracle pain relief!!!

  167. Jasmine and Alladin says:

    The yellow mustard remedy is fantastic. My girlfriend burned her foot with hot KFC mash potatoes. We love to eat and we were heating up leftovers a d as we were king back to the room to feast and watch MNF, the bottom of the mash potatoes fell out and splashed all over my girlfriends foot. After a dash to the bathroom seeking relief with cold water she cried in pain. I could t take it. I had to do something… I decided to google and low and behold, the mustard remedy beat that burn down Tina turner. Mustard is American for Justice.

  168. linda says:

    i’m typing with my right hand only, just scalded the fingers on my left hand with boiling water mixed with baking soda. very intense pain unless i keep it in the ice water. i was trying to sterlize a plastic bottle, put baking soda in and added boiling water, put the top on and shook it. it exploaded the top and the water came pouring out. i was so shocked i must have stood there several seconds before i realized what had happened. my husband grabbed for a pan of ice water and soaked for about 2 hours. took it out and it still felt like it was burning down to the bone. my husband says its the nerves in my fingers that are reacting. we sprayed it with saline wound solution, covered it with neosporin and wrapped it up. it has already started to blister. the pain is less intense now, it could be from the strong pain pill he gave me, who knows. as soon as we unwrap it later, i will lather it with mustard. thanks for the advice. linda

  169. Jesse says:

    i was just fixing some eggs and the cooking oil popped and got my left hand, it hurt like hellfire so i went on google and started looking up home remedies, i tried Potato and Egg White and those worked for a min but before i knew it the pain was back, then i tried dipping my finger in milk and sucking on it but same result, finally i decided to try the mustard and IT WORKED! not 100% but the pain is much less intense and i can get back to playing World of Warcraft :P

  170. Colby says:

    Mustard works

  171. Tanisha Tolbert says:

    thanks for helping me stop my pain.

  172. Paul says:

    I found out about the mustard “secret” when I worked at McDonalds (first job ever LOL). I burned myself with a fry basket and was literally crying like baby…however, mustard saved me. HEHE.

  173. Kiraiku says:

    omg i just burned myself, hurts like a b*tch just put mustard on it wish me luck ;)

  174. QueenBsweets says:

    This totally works!!! No doubt about it. Just got burned by a firework that blew up in my hand. Wish I could upload a pic of my thumb. It’s burned very bad. After applying aloe with ice or aloe with lidocaine, I still felt severe pain. My neighbor told me to put mustard on it, so I grabbed my yellow mustard out of my fridge and almost instantly the sting and pain went away. I feel much better now. This is amazing.

  175. AmForPeace says:

    …..just burned the crap outta my fingers on on my right hand…tried THE FRENCH’S YELLOW MUSTARD CURE…and it totally works!

  176. LoRi says:

    I just literally spent the past 6 hours with my hand in bowl of ice water after I grabbed the 400 handle of a metal skillet that during the morning’s chaos had forgotten I just took out of the oven. I tried lemon juice, white vinegar, cool water, ice packs, colloidal silver…but the pain was so intense that I couldn’t keep it out of the water for more than 30 seconds at a time. In desperation, I did ONE MORE google search and came upon this advice. Couldn’t hurt, so I got my yellow mustard and slathered it on there. The cool from the refrigeration gave instant relief, but after about 10 minutes the cool had worn off and I could still feel the burning sensation. I held out for about 30 minutes — amazed at the relief I was starting to feel! It’s been about an hour and the pain is all but gone. I am functional for the first time in 7 hours. Thank you!! :)

  177. cheryl says:

    OMG – just burned my fingers pulling a pan out of oven – tried ice water for 15 mins, but that’s only temporary relief. Anyway, found out mustard was a good home remedie. Yep, it works!

  178. Taylor says:

    Yesterday I burned myself on an air compressor motor while tryin to put in an air hose. Later on I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I told him about it. He had said to put mustard on it. I really did not believe him bc he is a prankster… sooo i said you know what i will look it up on the internet tomorrow. So I went into my fridge and put mustard on my burn and let it sit. When I did, he just laughed at me told me ‘Itold you so!’ I looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better! Thank God for French’s yellow mustard!!!!

  179. As a Registered Nurse, Holistic Nurse, and Bowen Certified Practitioner I strongly recommend good old Yellow Mustard for my patients who have joint pain, muscle pain and just plain aches and pains related to inflammation. The Mustard contains tumric and is found in almost every home in the nation. It’s a quick easy fix. If there are no allergy or diatary constraints I recommend 2 ( two ) tablespoons full a day. This can be done twice a day if tolerated. Most folks find a decrease in their discomfort within a day or two. Sometimes it’s so subtle they don’t realize how much it helps until they stop taking it for a few days and feel the difference.

  180. Nichole says:

    Thank God for yellow mustard! I did the stupidest thing this morning, we have some all natural orange oil spray room freshener, soooo, in a moment of desperation from not being able to find my deodorant I spray some on my armpits… It was fine for the first 5 minutes, then the burning began, OH MY GOODNESS the burning was so intense it was as if I had doused them with kerosene and lit a match! I washed with soap, dish soap to try and remove the oils and the burning just continued and intensified! I stood in the shower for 15 minutes rinsing one side at a time and was just about crying from the pain. I told hubby to give me some cantharis but that wasn’t doing much and asked him to get mustard, he covered one side with it while I continued rinsing the other side. I decided to give the mustard side a good rinse since I’d spent the past 10 minutes rinsing the other, thats when I realized the mustard side didn’t hurt any more but the other made me want to scream. So I’ve got mustard on both sides right now and after the initial burn in of 5 minutes with the mustard on I’m feeling great again. OY who needs pepper spray? Just spray your attacker with Orange oil!!!

    Btw, I know this sounds like the dumbest thing and it should’ve been totally obvious that it was a bad choice, so go ahead and laugh it up just make sure you keep this in mind and keep those things away from kids and stupid people like me who’ll burn themselves with it, and if they get it and they do, USE YELLOW MUSTARD!

  181. Stef says:

    I accidentley burnt myself this morning on my stove. got my middle and ring finger on my right hand and it hurt. ran it under cold water put aloe on it then i looked up home remedies online and found out about mustard on burns. im now sitting here with mustard slathered on my fingers and omg it does work and my fingers feel much better ! hooray for mustard !!

  182. anonymous says:

    enzymes or some sh*t

  183. Kaylynn says:

    Maybe its the vinegar in the paste from when added to the mustard powder…..

  184. Kim says:

    Today my daughter got a nasty scold burn when she was pouring hot water in the sink.. We kept putting ice/cold compresses on it no relief, then I remembered I had some aloe in the fridge put that on it again nothing. Then a friend on facebook suggested I put mustard on it. She finaly let me give that a try and well what do you know it worked after a matter of minutes the pain was almost gone and no more tears!!

  185. Mindy says:

    So..can someone explain why exactly this works? Is it an ingredient or something?

  186. Judy says:

    Tonight I accidentally poured hot butter over my forearm and wrist. I immediately washed the butter off with some mild soap and then ran my arm under the water for several minutes. While I was doing this I realized I didn’t have anything medicinal to put on the burn, so I soaked a towel in cold water, wrapped it around my arm and went immediately to my computer and Googled “remedy for burns” I got a lot of answers recommending zinc oxide, aloe vera,etc, none of which I had handy. So I Googled “home remedy for burns” and the yellow mustard remedy came up. I immediately got my French’s yellow mustard and slathered my entire forearm in the stuff and left it on for several hours. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it. After rinsing all the dried mustard off my arm, it is red, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN and NO BLISTERING. I’ve had sunburns that looked and felt worse than this. And this was HOT BUTTER from a frying pan!!! Unbelievable. I’m going to tell everyone I know about this miraculous remedy.

  187. Lizz R. says:

    It’s so funny when I tell people that my mom’s home remedy for burns is mustard from the fridge is best… It stays cold longer but anyway I been doing this all my life for 37 yrs. & it works all the time. I remember when I was younger & my nephew was running around the kitchen the whole while my sister was boiling water on the stove, when she went to take the pot to the sink he passed her burning his whole back, my mom poured mustard all over his back by the time they got him to the ER The doctor looked @ her with surprise why he was all yellow, once they cleaned him up he had nothing but yellow skin for awhile on his back ;) The doctor was amazed to see that mustard worked & if I could remember I think it was back in ’86 that that happened, we look back & think wow it truly does work!!

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