Cancer-fighting Condiment

An article at boasts “why common mustard is one of the healthiest cancer-fighting foods you’ll ever discover”… and it backs that claim with science.

To support their argument that mustard is “possibly the most nutrient-rich, anti-cancer food condiment available” they mention mustard is made from mustard seed, which contains Allyl Isothiocyanate (AITC).

“AITC has been scientifically shown to ‘strongly inhibit bladder cancer development and progression,’ according to this 2010 study published in the science journal Carcinogenesis,” the story continues.

There’s more in-depth talk about AITC, including another study in the International Journal of Toxicology, but there are some other compelling facts about mustard within this story.

Mustard is packed with anti-cancer compounds, and they use French’s Classic Yellow to illustrate their point. As the article states, French’s ingredients are 100% natural and very simple:

Distilled vinegar, water, #1 grade mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika spice, natural flavors and garlic powder

Of those ingredients, five have anti-cancer properties: vinegar, mustard seed, tumeric, paprika, and garlic. You can search their archives to find hundreds of published studies that support this.

WOW! We’ve always known mustards to be low-cal, and most have zero fat, many are no- to low-carb, with many also having no salt or sugar and some are gluten-free. All of those reasons are good enough to say, “mustard is good for you!” and really mean it.

But, this cancer-fighting element takes it to a whole new super hero level. But you know what our favorite part of the story was? Their statement later in the article that “Mustard is WAY healthier than ketchup”… HA!

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