‘Caviar’ anyone?

We often refer to mustard as the “King of Condiments”, sometimes with good-natured bravado but, really, we sort of mean it. Mustard is extremely versatile, and in its truest form, quite classy.

This brief article makes that very point. The texture and flavor burst from mustard seeds can turn the bland into the sublime. Read more at thekitchn.com by clicking here.

They suggest simmering yellow and brown mustard seeds in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and salt for almost an hour. While some posting comments weren’t sure where to get mustard seeds, we thought, “DUH! Get them at the Mustard Museum!” : )

Here’s some links to the mustard seeds and some other prepared mustards from Ireland, perfect to top off that corned beef & cabbage for St. Pat’s!

Whole Brown Mustard Seed

Whole Yellow Mustard Seed

Lakeshore Wholegrain Mustard With Whisky

Lakeshore Mustard With Guinness Stout

The Lakeshore Duet

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