Celebrate with Mustard

While a 99-year-old United States zeroed in on its Centennial, Alexander Graham Bell of Salem, Massachusetts, was receiving a patent for his revolutionary invention — the telephone. It was March 7, 1876, and the forerunner to the Bell Telephone Company was born. To celebrate, the Scottish-born Bell and his technical assistant, Thomas Watson, sat down to enjoy a wonderful luncheon featuring their favorite grilled steaks coated with their favorite Scottish mustard — Arran Hot ‘n Crunchy Mustard.

Okay, maybe we made up that last part, but it’s true that 135 years ago today Mr. Bell received his patent … and steaks covered in hot & crunchy mustard sounds like a great way to celebrate, doesn’t it?

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One Response to Celebrate with Mustard

  1. Amelia says:

    It does sound like a great way to celebrate! You guys always have the best ideas. I wish I had some on me. (I do have 10 unopened mustards from the National Mustard Day celebration last year… I guess I should open those before I start on a new mustard?)

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