Chez Moutarde

The hottest new local TV show in Madison is The Restaurant Show on CW57, channel 57. Hosted by Jessa Jeremiah, the show features area restaurants, each with twelve seven-minute segments over the course of a year. Is there really a Restaurant Chez Moutarde???

Don’t try to book your reservations now because Chez Moutarde exists only in the nether regions of the Curator’s brain. It’s a figment of his imagination — for now.

But when you use mustard in your kitchen, your home becomes a three-star restaurant, a veritable Restaurant Chez Moutarde. We filmed the first Chez Moutarde episode on August 19 and it ran four times, beginning 8/22 at 5:30 pm (then Sunday at 6:30 pm, Monday 6:30 am, and next Thursday at 8:30 am). Did you miss it? That’s okay, it’s now out on YouTube. A sure Emmy Award winner…

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