Condiment Prosperity for All

Finally, a campaign everyone can get behind. With the elections coming up in November, we felt we needed to get the word out. And what better time to promote our message than at our party’s convention — errrr, I mean, at our unconventional party.

I’m talking, of course, about National Mustard Day and our 2012 campaign slogan “ELECT (to eat lots of) MUSTARD”.

We’re not just kicking the jar down the road for the next generation, that would just make a mess. But we are closing the roads. Parmenter and Hubbard. Our annual street festival is the perfect time and place for mustard lovers to gather and join the grassroots effort to restore dignity to your pantry.

To help us get the message out, you can order all of your Campaign Swag directly from our website.

Join us at National Mustard Day on August 4 from 10am – 4pm, and join us by staying on point with our vision for the future: ELECT (to eat lots of) MUSTARD!

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