Cut the Cheese AND the Mustard

We have some exotic mustards you should try. Like the Cheddar Ale Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen. These aren’t your everyday mustards but we have them everyday here at the National Mustard Museum gift shop and in our online store. They’re different and they’re delicious.

Stonewall Kitchen Cheddar Ale Mustard $6.50 (STK120)

Rothschild Anna Mae’s Smokey Mustard $7.25 (RRT130)

Earth & Vine Chipotle Honey Lime Mustard $9.50 (EVN102)

Noyo Reserve Merlot & Chocolate Mustard $7.50 (NOY140)

Arran (Scottish) Mustard with Elephant Garlic $7.75 (ARN110)

Terrapin Ridge Garam Masala Stoneground Mustard $7.25 (TRP114)

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2 Responses to Cut the Cheese AND the Mustard

  1. The Curator says:

    Is it “whole wheat” mustard or “whole grain?” (Or maybe even “whole seed?”) I’ve never heard of “whole wheat” mustard because wheat is not an essential ingredient in mustard and, when it is used, it is a very small component. My guess is you are looking for “whole grain” mustard, in which case Pommery Moutarde de Meaux would be the absolute best. A little pricey but awesome. Any of the French whole grain Dijon mustards would also work. Give my best to Jason, still one of my favorite Red Sox players of all time. – Barry

  2. Gerald Varitek says:

    Barry: I have recipe calling for whole wheat mustard. Any idea of what I can use??
    Thanks, any. Help will be appreciated it is to be used with marscarpone and chorizo with Penne and taleggio cheese.
    Jerry Varitek

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