Dave Couldn’t Cut the Mustard… Can You?

May 20 was the final Late Show with David Letterman on CBS and the Curator fondly (?) remembers his mustardy encounter with Dave. It was 1995 and an associate producer had stumbled on to the museum and convinced the show to bring the Curator to New York to have dinner with Dave and a few other collectors. As the cameras rolled and it got around to the Curator, Dave asked if he could taste some mustards. “Of course, Dave, let’s taste a few and work our way up to the strongest.”

Dave would have no part of the gradual buildup and insisted on trying what is now our legendary Hit & Run Excruciatingly Painful Horseradish Mustard (HNR100). Ignoring a clear warning to take only a small amount, Dave popped a heaping spoonful into his mouth. Within seconds, he was on the floor, writhing in pain. After twenty minutes of unprintable expletives, Dave returned to the table but declared the interview with the “Mustard Man” finished.

So in honor of Dave’s last show, we give you a chance to see if you can “cut the mustard”… Stop in to take the D.L. Challenge. Taste the mustard that nearly killed David Letterman, it’s strong but oh so delicious. If you want to take the Challenge at home, order some today and see if you and your friends can do what Dave could not…

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