Dave’s Eggs

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday, April 9… and their conversation covered a lot of ground. But what’s interesting, is at one point breakfast came up and Lindsay said she liked scrambled eggs, etc. Dave asked how she prepares her eggs and then began to describe his method for preparing his eggs. And, much to our delight, he mentioned a key ingredient: YELLOW MUSTARD!

Below is a description from the CBS website about the segment:

“During Lindsay segment, there was much talk about breakfast. This is what Dave makes for breakfast. Get a carton of eggs. Crack ‘em, making sure you don’t get speckles of shell in the mix. Whip ‘tem up with a fork. Add some half-and-half. Mix it some more. Add a half-pat of butter. Pour the eggs into a frying and when the eggs start to coalesce and begin to bubble, give it a little flip. Slide the egg dish onto a plate . . . . and add mustard.

Mustard? Really? Yes, really. And Dave prefers Plochman’s yellow mustard. French’s yellow will do in a pinch, but you’ll never find anything better than Plochman’s. Dave beams, ‘Plochman’s . . . best yellow mustard on earth. It’s like a single malt scotch.’

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