Did the Eclipse Harm My Mustards?

Monday’s solar eclipse created wonder and awe in the hearts and minds of millions. But in the days before the spectacular event, we received hundreds of inquiries like this one from Bleephus T. in Woozerton, TN: “Mr. Curator, I am concerned that the eclipse might damage my precious mustards. Should I take any special precautions to protect my mustards?”

Fear not, Bleephus, the eclipse did not damage your mustards. To the contrary, as the 16th century gourmet astronomer Gallipoochee Gallilhoot theorized, a solar eclipse dramatically improves the taste of mustard.

Of course, that phenomenon occurs only when mustards are actually exposed to a solar eclipse. Not surprisingly, the condiment counselors at the National Mustard Museum shop made sure that the entire inventory of mustards was exposed to Monday’s eclipse.

This is the best time to buy mustards, certified as solar eclipse enhanced for your total enjoyment. We suggest these sun happy mustards:

Fischer & Wieser Brat Haus Beer Mustard (FWZ102)
Amora Dijon (AMR102)
Slimm & Nunne Maple Peppercorn Mustard (SLN140)
AJ’s Walla Walla Onion Mustard with Bacon (AJS120)

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