Dressing Catalyst Wins Top Honors

One of my favorite mustards took home the title of “Grand Champion” from this year’s World-Wide Mustard Competition. Edmond Fallot Walnut Dijon — the catalyst for the dressing of my famous “Mrs. Mustard’s Triple Walnut Salad” — was honored with the top prize at the annual mustard event.

Edmond Fallot Walnut Dijon is made in Beaune, France, only 44 km from Dijon. It took the Gold in the Exotic Mustard category and then dazzled the judges to also win the Grand Champion award this year. The bold walnut flavor and bright Dijon character combine to create an exceptional mustard that goes well with many dishes, from fish to meats and especially as a tangy addition to a vinaigrette dressing — get the Triple Walnut Salad recipe here.

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