Easy No-Flame S’mores

The Curator and I were part of the record-setting s’mores event on Saturday. 409 people gathered at the KEVA Sports Complex in Middleton to simultaneously make and then eat those fiendish sugar bombs of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker.

The rules were strict: everyone had to roast the marshmallows at the same time and then immediately assemble the s’mores and immediately eat them. Of course, the Curator snuck in some mustard to make them taste even better.

Is that true? Is there really a mustard for s’mores? Sure! You can dispense with the chocolate bars and use Noyo Reserve Merlot ‘n Chocolate Mustard (NOY140). Tastes great, right consistency, and lower in fat than a chocolate bar.

You can also make easy no-flame s’mores by using Marshmallow Fluff and Noyo Reserve Merlot & Chocolate mustard on two halves of a graham cracker… year-round delish!

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