Four More Reasons

Of course, there a many reasons to love mustard, most of them related to how great it tastes and how many varieties you have to choose from.

But we have four more excellent reasons to love mustard and all its delicious goodness.

1) Mustard brings foods together.

It’s an emulsifier. Add it to your saute, stir fry or any dish and it will bring all the juices and liquids together into a sauce that won’t break (use different mustards for different flavors). Adding mustard to vinegar & oil makes a dressing that holds together and has a creamy consistency.

2) Mustard retains moisture.

Coat any meat, poultry, fish or veggie with mustard when roasting or grilling and it will form a crust that contains all the natural juices; this works especially well with boneless skinless chicken breasts and meats like lean beef and pork tenderloin which have little fat or marbling.

3) Mustard is healthy.

Many experts believe that strong mustard and horseradish help keep our bronchial and sinus systems clear. Try a spoonful of our Hit & Run Mustard and you’ll see what we mean! Plus, mustard seems to increase metabolism. All mustards are low-cal — only 5-10 calories per serving — and most have zero fat, are no- to low-carb, and many can be found with no salt, no sugar & gluten-free.

4) Mustard is picnic and tailgate friendly.

No spoilage… trade mustard for mayo in potato and pasta salad (or cole slaw dressing) and you won’t have to worry about spoilage outdoors on hot summer days.

Have any special characteristics of mustard that you’d like to share? Just let us know below by leaving a comment…

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