FREE Grey Poupon Tote Bags…

They’re reusable — with one exception.

We’ve been giving away these stylish reusable Grey Poupon tote bags with most purchases — as long as we can fit one into the shipping carton, you’ll get one. And free in the gift shop with a $10 purchase. While supplies last.

These versatile totes show the Grey Poupon logo on one side and one of three quotes on the other (“Proseco Not Plastic,” “Environmental Attaché,” and “Proper Baguetiquette”). They are made from woven paper but are exceptionally strong.

They can and should be reused but there is one important exception. They cannot be used for the transport of ketchup. Bad things will happen if you try to carry ketchup in one of these bags. Really bad things. If you think Job had problems with boils and sitting on a heap of ashes, that’s nothing compared to what will happen if you try to put that evil red stuff in one of these bags.

Thanks to Grey Poupon, a proud sponsor of the National Mustard Museum, for donating a generous supply of these handy tote bags.

You can purchase additional Grey Poupon tote bags (GPN600) for just $2 each. All proceeds from the sale of the totes go to the nonprofit National Mustard Museum.

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