Golden Gift: The Mustard Library

If you missed Yellow Friday or Cyber Monday (originally “Siber” Monday in honor of all of our Siberian friends), we have some new hot deals for you. The Mustard Library special is on sale through the holidays, the mustards are on sale through Monday, Dec. 6…

If you’re still deciding which mustards to put under the tree, you might want to consider the other Golden Gift: The Mustard Library. It’s all wrapped in a bow, the collection of mustard books that the true mustard aficionado has to have: The Mustard Book, by Man & Weir; The Colman’s Mustard Cookbook; Inspired by Mustard; and Mustard on a Pickle. If purchased separately, you’d pay $62.85. But now through the holidays, only $49.95. BK100

Then, there’s some fresh mustard specials…

SCOTCH10 – Celebrate the glories of Scotch whisky with five Scotch whisky mustards and five Scotch whisky marmalades. Reg. $85.00, SALE $69.95

ALB200 – Two Czech Mustards (Reality Czech?) by ALBA; Kremzska and Plotucna. Reg. $9.95, SALE $6.95 (our Insane Deal)

MTV95 – The Grand Champion Gift Box is always our number one seller at the holidays. This gift box will help you answer the question: “Who’s mustard will reign supreme?” Nine great mustards; recipes included. Reg. $69.95, SALE $59.95

PRD400 – Paradigm’s Bailey’s Irish Cream “Haute Fudge” Sauce. Reg. $7.25, SALE $5.95

PPN550 – POUPON U Golden Hooded Sweatshirts. Reg. $36.00, SALE $28.95

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