Healing Muscle Cramps

We’ve talked about the healing powers of mustard when it comes to burns, and there are plenty of folks who swear by that use of yellow mustard (Mrs. Mustard’s Kitchen, January 2011). But, there seems to be even more to mustard’s medicinal remedies.

The good folks at The People’s Pharmacy posted a report from a reader who used yellow mustard for relieving leg cramps. After swallowing a small cup of yellow mustard the reader said their cramps were “gone within seconds”.

Joe and Terry at The People’s Pharmacy said that some even keep mustard by their nightstand in case they are wakened with leg cramps. Other readers chimed in with comments confirming the effectiveness of our favorite condiment… so we’ll add leg cramps relief to the list of reasons we love mustard!

You can read the entire Q&A and comments by clicking here.

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