Hello, Zanzibar (…and we just palindromed)

Thank you to Eric and Kristina for donating this jar of Dada Baobab mustard from Zanzibar, our very first Zanibarian (?) mustard. That puts the collection up to 5,875 and reminds us that we missed celebrating a significant milestone in the history of the Mustard Museum.

We received a jar of Brava Honey Mustard, made in Greece, as part of the 2015 World-Wide Mustard Competition. It was also a new mustard for the collection, number 5,775. That number is, of course, a palindrome, meaning that it is the same number backwards or forwards. While palindrome numbers are common at lower values, they become increasingly rare as their values go up.

How can we forget “Madam, I’m Adam” and “A nut for a jar of tuna?” A $25 Mustard Museum gift certificate for the best condiment palindrome received by next Monday, March 23. The decision of the Curator is final (unless overruled by Mrs. Mustard or Isabella the Cat).

Our next palindromic mustard will be 5,885, which we should see in about a year. Then will come 5,995. Then 6,006. But then will come a true rarity — 6,009 — the number that reads the same upside-down as it does right side up. (Thank you, Other Barry, for that useless piece of information.)

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