Honest, Ethical & Kind

We recently received a letter that included one of our Mustard Museum logo magnets:

“My family enjoyed the history and amazing displays. One of the items we purchased was a magnet. Upon our return home I discovered I had two magnets stuck together. Sorry about that. Returning to you. — Kevin [from Melbourne, Florida]”

Wow! Kevin, we are touched. We suspect that most people would simply figure that it’s just a magnet, that no one would know, and that it’s hardly worth a stamp to mail it back. Then again, it goes to show that mustard lovers are scrupulously honest and decent. Would a ketchup junkie do such a thing?

Our magnets are a must for any refrigerator or any other flat metal surface (e.g., Uncle Brian’s forehead). Order a bunch today. (MAG200)

Kevin doesn’t know it but we are sending him a Slimm & Nunne Trio as a thank you gift for reaffirming our belief that mustard people are the best. Order one for yourself. (RTF22)

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