HONK! If you like mustard

K.L. of Belleaire Beach writes: “I remember when customers could honk your fabulous horns whenever we bought something. What happened to that fine tradition?”

Thanks for writing, K. We have found the magic horns and once again you get a complimentary honk with every purchase at the Mustard Museum gift shop. If you pay with cash, you get an additional free honk on our signature annoying horn. Here you see our beleaguered Confidential Condiment Counselor, Ali D., preparing to squeeze the horn.

For online purchases, you may go to any participating Walgreen’s with proof of purchase and ask to honk their horn. (Good luck.)

Honking isn’t just a privilege at the National Mustard Museum, it’s a right. If we fail to offer you a honk with your purchase, you will receive a coupon good for free admission to the museum.*

* Yes, admission to the museum is free anyway but that’s what makes this offer so intriguing.

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