How Cold is it?

It’s so cold that this morning, when the Curator went outside, he tried to say the word “Water” but only the word “Ice” came out of his mouth.

So, fight the cold with one of the world’s hottest mustards, Cajohn’s Jolokia Mustard (JLK100), made with red habanero peppers and the legendary, brutally hot jolokia pepper (ghost pepper). Voted most likely to make you sweat.

Also stay toasty warm this winter with a genuine POUPON U Sweatshirt, regular crew neck or hoodie (PPN500 or PPN550). We’ll even include a POUPON U Notebook free with the purchase of each sweatshirt (through the end of January or when the temperature hits 70 in Middleton, whichever comes first). These college-ruled notebooks are regularly $3.25 and are perfectly designed for that next great American novel that you will be inspired to write.

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