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We’ve been in the news a few times lately, and this week we found ourselves included on two travel lists. Both are lists that include interesting ways to describe those featured — terms like, “unbelievably weird” and “mind-boggling”.

Hey, that’s fine! Quirky and a bit odd has always been our thing, and why not? With all of the varieties of mustard available, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little “quirky” or “odd” to the spice in your life. In fact, the perfect time to visit the Mustard Museum is fast approaching — our 25th annual street festival in downtown Middleton, National Mustard Day on Saturday, August 1st.

Come see what all the fuss is about! In the meantime, check out our place on these esteemed travel lists:

Yahoo! Travel | “America’s 9 Most Mind-Boggling Roadside Attractions”

The Blog for Lifestyle & Travel | “18 Unbelievably Weird Museums You Need to See Before You Die”

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