Left over and getting better…

I’m sure your holiday feast was delicious, and if it included the traditional turkey you probably have a lot of it left. But “leftovers” doesn’t mean your meals can’t keep getting better! In fact, here’s a couple ideas for ways you can reinvent that leftover turkey for delicious meals all weekend.

Try these turkey recipes and let us know which reinvented your turkey leftovers best!

Curried Turkey and Rice Salad

Turkey Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie

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3 Responses to Left over and getting better…

  1. Linda Gay Tooley says:

    I forgot. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Curator and Mrs. Mustard, and thanks for the autographs.

    Linda Gay Tooley (again)

  2. Linda Gay Tooley says:

    My husband and I visited your wonderful museum last month. Wow, was it ever great! Looking forward to visiting again. If you haven’t been here, you and everyone you know MUST MUST go there! If you buy ALL the mustards and other stuff you can have a big party and invite your whole town!

  3. Sharon Miller says:

    My husband proclaimed the Curried Turkey and Rice Salad the best use he ever had tasted for leftover turkey. I’m partial to the Shepard’s Pie, but I do have a quibble with the Shepherd’s Pie recipe. That recipe calls for three tablespoons of butter but uses only one to fry up the onions and carrots. I can cope with a tiny typo since the three museum recipes we’ve tried all are keepers. The only real problem is that we keep having to order more mustard!

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