Letter from a Fan

We received this letter the other day:

Dear Curator:

You have given us so much joy over the past several years. We have attended National Mustard Day, enjoyed the film and historic collections, and laughed aloud at mustard jokes in your tidy shop, as well your clever e-mails. But right up there is Norman Bishop Dill & Garlic Mustard. Thank you for teaching me how to cook salmon!

Enclosed is a small donation of appreciation.

Have a Happy Holiday and “Keep ’em smiling.”

Wow. If that doesn’t want you to keep it going forever, what does? I guess we should encourage everyone to buy some Norman Bishop Dill & Garlic Mustard (NBP102) by putting it on sale ($2 off through New Year’s Day). We’ll include the Mustard-Crusted Salmon recipe with every purchase.

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