Marriage Made in Heaven

Yes, the Curator and Mrs. Mustard have been happily married for years and, yes, mustard and the Curator also have been paired with golden bliss for even longer. But the true “marriage made in heaven” has to be mustard and … marriage.

There’s no doubt that any wedding is heavenly when comes with wedding mustards or a mustard greeting. What are we talking about? Mustard Wedding Mustards! You can have the Curator whip up some custom labels featuring the Bride & Groom and order it by the case as a tasteful gift for guests, or you can simply bestow a golden glow on the happy couple with a mustard greeting, in a jar.

June is the month of matrimony, statistically trumping all other months for weddings. Just don’t just send a card for the happy couple, and don’t just give guests a mint at the reception (at the very least they need something to dip their mints in). Make it all heavenly with mustard!

For real. We mean it. You can really do this:

Personalized Mustards
Mustard Greetings

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