Mustard for the Holidays

To help you find the right mustardy gift for the mustard lovers in your life, the Confidential Condiment Counselors at the Mustard Museum recommend these most excellent mustard gifts:

  • PLM150 – The Wisconsin Gift Box. The University of Wisconsin just missed out on getting into the NCAA Football Championship but there’s no missing out on this selection of tasty Wisconsin treats, mustards and more.
  • MOM2018 – The Mustard of the Month Club. Who can resist the thrill of receiving three different distinctive mustards every month for a whole year? Or do the Every-Other-Month version. MOM2018B. Or do it Quarterly. MOM2018Q.
  • A MUSTARD MUSEUM GIFT CERTIFICATE. Freedom to choose any mustard, any POUPON U item, anything at all. $20, $25, $40, $50, and $100. (GC20, GC25, GC40, GC50, and GC100).
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