Mustard Pots

Serving your finest mustards in anything but a stylish mustard pot would be uncivilized, boorish, and unthinkable. Mustard pots also make great gifts. Does the phrase “The holidays are coming!” ring a bell? These elegant china mustard pots come with matching spoons and are available here at the National Mustard Museum for only $15 each:

POT300 (Bee Happy)
POT305 (Fleur de Lys)
POT310 (Rooster)
POT315 (Sunflower)
POT320 (Apple Basket)

Want to really go big?The massive china yacht by Grey Poupon below (10 ½ inches long, holding 2 cups of gravy) is not for sale but is our thank-you gift with your $100 donation to the nonprofit National Mustard Museum. Call or go online to donate: SMM100.

Grey Poupon in your gravy? That’s easy and delicious –- stir in a quarter cup of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard (or your favorite Dijon) to two cups of your best turkey gravy.

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