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September 11, 2012 (View this in your browser)

Gus & Me

The cutest people visit the National Mustard Museum. That's my new buddy Gus with his new favorite book, Mustard on a Pickle.

Even if you're not as cute as Gus, you can still have a signed copy of this condimentally correct children's book. (BK47)


New Mustards For You

You'd think with more than 450 different mustards in our online store, you'd have enough choices. But there's no such thing as "too much mustard". So we've brought in two new lines of mustard for the discriminating mustard lover (you!).

The Wenger Company in Austria has been making mustards for years and now you can try their totally tubular mustards. Mustards in a tube is very European but these are unusual in that they are much larger than most tubes of mustard (7 oz vs 3.5 oz) and are available in five different flavors, at only $8 each.

- Wenger Horseradish Mustard (WNG101)

- Wenger Herb Mustard (WNG102)

- Wenger Honey Mustard (WNG103)

- Wenger Tarragon Mustard (WNG104)

- Wenger Engliosh Mustard (WNG105)

Try all five and save with the Wenger Mustard Tubes SAMPLER for only $34.95. (WNG555)

- - - - - - - - - -

And, on the domestic front, we have four new delicious mustards from California --
Shemp's Old Fashioned Mustards, for only $6.25 each:

- Shemp's Old Fashioned Hot & Spicy (SMP100)

- Shemp's Old Fashioned Hot & Smoky (SMP101)

- Shemp's Old Fashioned Beer (SMP102)

- Shemp's Old Fashioned Creole (SMP103)

Of course, you can try all four and save when you buy the Shemp's Old Fashioned QUARTET for only $22.95 (SMP444).


Dijon Update...

Musette Dijon is back in stock! It's the same as Temeraire -- this year's Gold Medal Dijon -- just a different brand (made by the same company, Europeene des Condiments). The single 13 oz jar is $6.25; or go for the three-pack, it's only $15.00.

- Musette Authentic Dijon, 13 oz (MSE100)

- Musette Dijon 3-PACK (MSE100B)


One Strange Dude

Check out what happens when two itinerant Oregonians decide to take a total stranger to breakfast in Middleton, Wisconsin. And they don't come much stranger than this guy...


Juvenile Behavior

When eight adults working on a British children's TV show come to Middleton and enlist the help of the Curator to produce a segment about the world's largest collection of mustards, you know there will be trouble. The result: you get nine so-called adults acting like totally unruly children.

The Mustard Museum segment on "All Over the Place USA", a popular BBC (Scotland) show, will air next January. That's the stars of the show holding their personalized mustards, Cel Spellman (left) and Ed Petrie (right).

We're still laughing.


When Life Give You Lemons and the Wolf is at the Door

Everyone knows that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or you make lemon mustard. We have three to recommend:

- Daddy Cook's Lemon Caper Mustard (DDC106)

- Earth & Vine Lemon Dill Mustard (EVN105)

- Saucy Mama's Tarragon Lemon Mustard (SYM105)

But what to do when the wolf is at the door? Make wolfburgers.


Support the Museum!

Our slogan in recent years has been "Learn. Taste. Shop. Laugh!"

That first word will take on a little extra meaning in the near future. We are developing a new exhibit on "mustard in the kitchen". And, we're working on ways to help children appreciate mustard before they get hooked on that nasty red stuff.

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