My Crazy Embarrassment

Mrs. Mustard says to the Curator, “Do not even mention the fact that you’re going to be on the TLC network show ‘My Crazy Obsession’.” She goes on: “Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone that it will air on Wednesday night, April 24, at 10:00 EDT (9:00 CDT).”

Mrs. Mustard is understandably apprehensive. This is, after all, a show that has featured a woman obsessed by rats, another woman obsessed by squirrels, a guy obsessed with the defunct PanAm airline, and some dude obsessed with acting like an infant. These people usually do not end up looking super intelligent.

What will they do to the Curator, the man obsessed with mustard? But that’s only half the show. The other half is allegedly about a man obsessed with ketchup. Obviously, he is the crazy one.

This is all in the genre called “reality TV.” As we all know, there is usually as much reality in “reality TV” as there are grapes in Grape Nuts.

But I am not supposed to utter even a word about this impending embarrassment.

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