Not too late!

We hear this question every year: “When should I order mustards to be delivered in time for the holidays?”

Sooner is better than later but anything you order this week should have no difficulty reaching friends and family by December 24. Next week gets more complicated but shipments going to addresses in the Midwest ordered by next Tuesday should arrive by UPS Ground without any problems. Even gifts going to the east coast or west coast, if they go out next Monday, should arrive by the 24th.

Do we guaranty timely deliveries? Does UPS guaranty you’ll love your mustard? They should but they don’t. We guaranty we will get into the hands of UPS in time for them to deliver it when they say they will. You can check out estimated delivery times on the UPS website. Our zip code is 53562.

We can always ship Second Day or Next Day Air but it’s expensive. Don’t give your hard-earned money to UPS for rush shipments — give it to us for mustard.

Even if it gets there after Christmas, your friends will be thrilled. As we say here in Mustardland: “Better late than ketchup.”

The best idea yet for beating the rush — order a membership in the Mustard-of-the-Month Club to start with the January mustards. We can email or call the lucky recipient with your greetings and an announcement of good mustards to come. Available in 3 plans: full-year (12 monthly shipments of three mustards each) (MOM2010); every other month (MOM2010B); or quarterly (MOM2010Q).

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