Paula Poundstone Redux

About ten years ago the Curator was a guest on the resurrected old game show, “To Tell the Truth.” Panelists and the studio audience had to decide who was “the real” Mustard Man. Three of the four panelists and the audience were stumped. The only panelist who guessed right? Comedian Paula Poundstone.

Last Saturday Paula Poundstone came to Madison for a show at the Barrymore Theater. The Curator was there to confront her. What gave me away? “It was your unmistakable mustard aura.”

Good enough, Paula. And here’s a jar of customized Paula Poundstone Mustard as a parting gift.

We can customize mustards for you, too. Your face, your logo, your brand, your message. Some great new things are happening with custom mustards for corporate use or personal fun. Contact the Curator for details.

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