Remembering the Mustard Museum’s Best Friend

The Curator and Mrs. Mustard met Andy and Rita Davis 25 years ago The Curator and Mrs. Mustard met Andy and Rita Davis 25 years ago when Andy bid on and won an in-home mustard tasting that the Mustard Museum donated to a public television auction. We learned that Andy was a partner at a financial advisory firm, so we expected to be entertaining well-heeled clients.

We were wrong.

Instead, we tasted mustards with a group of young Japanese drum and bugle corps participants. Andy and Rita had opened their home to these kids. That was our introduction to Andy and his generous spirit, and as Rick said in the movie Casablanca, it was “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Over the years, Andy and his daughter Nicki would taste mustards at the World-Wide Mustard Competition and whenever they were in the mood for mustard. Andy became a supporter – in many ways – of our annual National Mustard Day celebration. When the Curator was scheduled for heart surgery just after Mustard Day a few years ago, Andy shadowed him to make sure he drank plenty of water and did not overexert himself. He continued doing so every Mustard Day since (see photo above).

Andy became an ardent supporter of the nonprofit Mustard Museum and several other organizations. His energy and giving nature knew no bounds.

Sadly, Andy passed away last week following a courageous battle with cancer.

Andy’s last project was to work with a team to raise $100,000 towards the enhancement of the Mustard Museum experience. Nicki Davis has put together a GiveButter Memorial Page and the Davis family asks friends and family to please consider donating to his last project in lieu of sending flowers. Here is the GiveButter page:

The GiveButter site will ask you about covering the credit card fees — THAT IS NOT NECESSARY! We have arranged it so that we will not be charged the fees. All you have to do is “edit” and then uncheck the box that says something about covering the fees. It will also ask you about a “tip” — ALSO NOT NECESSARY — just click “Other” and enter $0. We have also arranged for a tip to be covered.

At Andy’s memorial service, friends and family will receive a jar of Andy’s special mustard, our tribute to the man whose kindness and friendship we, and so many others, will miss:

We know he and his family will appreciate it. Andy cared not about his “legacy” because he was more interested in what he called “infinities.”

If you are interested, click below for Andy’s obituary that appeared in yesterday’s Wisconsin State Journal:

Andrew D. “Andy” Davis, 1954 – 2023

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