Rin Tin Tin?

No, “Rin Tin Tin” was a famous movie and television dog. “Mustard Tin” is our collection of antique mustard tins and here is our latest acquisition:

“MJB” stands for its founder, Max James Brandenstein, who began selling coffee 130 years ago. Is it a fancy tin? No. Is it an elegant tin? No? Is it a mustard tin? Yes, and it’s a big one, holding a pound of dry mustard and measuring five and half inches tall. MJB is still around but they no longer sell dry mustard, only coffee.

We have 496 tins in the collection but we are our running out of room for displaying them. If you have been to the Mustard Museum, you may remember seeing many of them in a pair of old rotating display cases.

Alas, the rotating cases no longer rotate and we are in desperate need of new exhibit cases. Please help give the tins a good home with your donation to America’s Favorite Condiment Museum.

“Yo, Rinty!” (For those who remember…)

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